Do You Really Know All Those People?

I admit it – I love Facebook.  I’m all about seeing folks from high school – I like to see how well they’ve aged and truth be told, I get just as much pleasure from seeing the ones who didn’t age so gracefully.  Don’t get me wrong – 1986 was a lifetime ago and I’m certain a Botox injection or two would be quite beneficial; still, most days are better than others and I love the life I’ve built since high school.  My 19 year old son?  Hmmm…that’s another story.  This kid has over 250 “friends” on Facebook.  He hasn’t lived long enough to even know 250+ people.  We don’t even have that many in our family and yet here he is, Mr. Social Life, moving right along with his group of friends that increase on a seemingly daily basis.  When I asked if he really knew all these people, in a typical teenage fashion, he rolled his eyes and said, “Duh?”  I took that as a yes. 

I got to thinking about it and it occurred to me that maybe my friend count on Facebook isn’t indicative of how many people I do know.  After all, my sweet child has access to technological advances we never even dreamed possible when I was his age.  He’s able to keep up with his friends from high school, college and all those friends of friends who say, “We should get together and go fishing” (or hunting…depending on what season we’re in).  No one exchanges phone numbers anymore, we all Tweet ourselves up the social ladder or Facebook one another.  Who knew Facebook could be a verb?

So as I watch in awe the numbers grow in this beautiful creature’s Facebook profile, I look at my 56 friends and realize either I don’t get out enough or I really need to figure out how to use the search feature.  And speaking of social medias, come visit me on my Facebook page.  Who knows, I just may be able to surpass Mr. Social Life.


One thought on “Do You Really Know All Those People?

  1. Hi Donna,

    Even though I’m on facebook I rarely go there and hang out. It is a great place to promote my blog and I do get some visitors from there.

    The other thing about facebook is that I have connected with folks I’ve not talked to for over 20 years! I even had someone contact me asking if my sister went to such and such elementary school in Wash DC in the early 60s. She did and they connected. Coolio for that stuff.

    Numbers schmumbers, I say. 56 or 56,000 it’s all good!

    Nice blog site, by the way. I look forward to returning.



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