Now I Know

The past few days are nothing more than a blur for me.  I caught some bug going around and it knocked me for a loop, no doubt.  It’s frustrating because I never get sick.  I’m always the one who breezes through flu season with not so much as a cough.  Aside from the occasional sinus headache or tension headache, which I equate to one of life’s frustrations, I consider myself quite healthy – despite the addiction to Blue Bell ice cream, of course.  We all have our crosses to bear, right?

This, however, was a sure enough “kick me in the teeth, somebody please knock me in the head so I can sleep, can it chicksoupget any worse” bug.  I emerge with a new outlook.  Up until this week, I thought these seasonal illnesses was nothing more than mind over matter.  Trust me, my mind wasn’t working enough to talk myself out of it.  I did, however and I’m not quite sure how, manage to keep all my deadlines and didn’t skip a beat with my work.  Being a freelance writer, there are few things that justify missing a deadline.  A 102 degree fever isn’t one of them. 

Aside from my son coming in with a request to help him with his psychology paper and a quick question on when to use “who” and “whom” (by the way, the rule of thumb is if your “who” or “whom” is a he, she or they – then “who” is appropriate; if the sentence is referring to him, her or them – you’d use “whom”), I went into hibernation.  Maybe that was the best thing since I’ve discovered I’m quite ill when I’m ill.  Definitely not fun to be around. 

So now I’ve come through the other side.  Tired and still a little loopy from the Tylenol Cold and Flu medicine, but definitely through the worst part.  Never again will I think to myself, “Sheesh, get over it already – it’s just a summer cold” when I overhear someone complaining about how miserable they feel.  Now I know.

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