High School Football

It’s not been that long ago that life was all about high school football.  My son, who’s now working hard to become a nurse and making it look easy, played football all through school.  His senior year, they played one of the best high school teams in the country for the state championship.  It was the only game they lost that year.  That entire season still sends chills down my spine.  It was magical, heartbreaking, inspirational and bittersweet.  The South Panola – George County game goes down in history, especially if you live in Mississippi. 

Of course, I knew very little about football before Jake began playing – and although I tried hard to understand it, it’s still a bit of a mystery to me.  I’m always amazed that a yellow hankey can be so powerful – powerful enough to stop a group of fine athlethes in their tracks.  And please – if someone can explain that to me, I’d love to hear about it. 

It’s a story I read a few minutes ago about two more competitve football teams and how their own story will surely send chills down their mothers’ spines for the rest of their lives.  It’s heartbreaking – and yet, it renews my faith, too.  It would be disrespectful for me to attempt to re-tell a story that was so eloquently written by Luke Matheson, so I’m posting the link here with the hopes everyone who sees this will jump over to an incredibly inspirational story that’s sure to stay with you for quite a while.  The hero, who’ll you’ll identify almost immediately, has a life full of all the good this world can offer.  Hopefully, the name Thamail Morgan will become as big a name as some of the other world-renowned athlethes who proudly call themselves “football players”.  Enjoy the story – you’re in for a treat!

And seriously – the yellow hankey?  Would LOVE to understand it! Email me or hit me on Facebook.


One thought on “High School Football

  1. That story was very cool. It’s like the sympathetic team was saying “yeah, we didn’t hold back and we still played our hearts out against you, but we ain’t gonna rub it in where it ain’t necessary.”

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