Babysitters or Jailers?

By now, the world is well aware of one of Hollywood’s most promising actresses and her journey that’s finally culminated into her being ordered to jail.  Lindsay Lohan, who’s battled drug and alcohol addictions for at least a few years, finally wore out her welcome in more than a few Los Angeles, California courthouses.  Sentenced to three months behind bars, many are questioning just how much of a punishment has been doled out.

Superior Court Judge Marsha Revel clearly had a bellyful of the globetrotting celebrity and her sense of entitlement.  Unfortunately, Judge Revel’s efforts might have fallen short since Fox News is reporting Lohan’s lawyers ensured she has access to Adderall and Ambien while she pouts in the pokey.  Is it special treatment?  According to her new neighbors, it absolutely is special treatment.

So just what are these two controlled substances and why does Lohan need them?

Adderall is a powerful drug used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, in both children and adults. According to the Food and Drug Administration, it’s highly addictive; this sounds logical since it contains amphetamines.  It also carries significant health risks if misused, up to and including death.

Ambien is another powerful drug and is used in patients suffering from insomnia.  The sedative has been known to cause sleep-related behaviors, including sleep-driving.

So why all of the special treatment for the fallen celebrity?  And really, aren’t these folks who “there, there” her doing a huge disservice to her?  While no one wants to see anyone struggle with addiction, the fact is, Lohan has yet to feel the full force of the repercussions that come with bad decisions.  A ninety day sentence was whittled down to what some said would equate to fifteen days.  Now, less than a week into it, it appears she could be out even sooner.   Odds are, with the Ambien, she’s slept though the experience in its entirety anyway.  Fox News also reported her mother and sister were allowed to visit with her mid-week, a privilege none of the other inmates are allowed.

This was a golden opportunity for Lohan; unfortunately, those around her are too busy babysitting her than holding her accountable and insisting she take her dose of reality fair and square; after all, she earned it.  This young woman would best be served by stepping outside the spotlight and the state lines of California and picking up the pieces where she can truly discover who she is and decipher which behaviors led her to this devastating crossroads.  Until she can find that perspective, she’s going to find herself in many other similar situations with no direction and no good choices to choose from.


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