Modern Furniture Warehouse

Everyone asks me “who” I write for.  As a freelance writer, I’m likely to have many companies at any given moment that I write for.  Some are long term and have very definitive parameters, while other times, the request through my website may be for a single article or a series of 10 or 15 blog entries.  Each client is different.  That said, some clients have been with me from the very beginning.  August marks 3 years that I’ve been a full-time writer.  I can honestly say these three years have been some of the best – and for many reasons besides my decision to chase my dream.  My son graduated high school and began pursuing his college education, I could not be prouder!  That kid is going to rule the world!

One of my best clients is a modern home furnishings company in Los Angeles.  I’ve never met my “co-workers”, but it didn’t take me long to realize there was a great group of folks behind the company.  Often, writers find themselves struggling with the decision to write for less than ethical companies – I’ve been blessed – I’ve never had to cross that path and certainly not with the people I work with at Modern Furniture Warehouse.  They are as passionate about their company, its image and their clientele as I am about writing.

In business since 2006, they have managed to bring to their customers some of the most beautiful furniture to be found anywhere in the world.  The focus, as the company name implies, is on the latest in modern furniture.  They specialize in both indoor and outdoor furnishings and the beauty is that they assume nothing.  They know not everyone is going to be drawn to leather sectionals (though I can’t imagine why not), so they provide an extensive range of sofas, loveseats and chairs in any number of colors, materials and design elements.  No room is left out – bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms and bathrooms are all represented. It’s really a remarkable structure that has proven quite successful.

They round out their offerings with an impressive financing option and odds are, customers find the company is offering free shipping.  It’s that “one stop shopping” everyone is looking for.  The fact that a high percentage of the company’s customers are repeat customers speaks volumes.

Go visit their site and be sure to visit the blog I write four times a week, too.  I’m proud of it and I have recommended folks to the site many times and it’s proven to be a wise recommendation each time.


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