Right now, this country is facing two dangerous leaks and the long term effects seem to be anything but top priority of the powers that be.  Many are downplaying the repercussions of both the BP oil leak, which is temporarily plugged a mile under the Gulf of Mexico, and of course, the classified Afghan war documents that were leaked last week.  Both leaks have the potential to devastate this country and so far, all the American people seem to be getting is the run around, endless declarations of “it’s not my fault” and of course, a group of entitled politicians who can’t agree on salad dressings, much less solutions to these catastrophic problems.

The oil leak, which is nearing the 100 day mark, is still a major cause of concern for many reasons.  First, the cap that’s working so well is only temporary and if we’ve learned anything from this nightmare, it’s to assume nothing, including the  success of the permanent solution that’s being put into place now.  Another dangerous development is because there’s so little oil that can actually be seen floating on top of the salty waters anymore, efforts will be scaled back.  Many are concerned this false sense of security will lead to the many underwater plumes not receiving the attention needed to eliminate them.  There remains more than 630 square miles in the Gulf of Mexico that is listed as “oiled”.  Federal waters remain closed for fishing, shrimping and crabbing (not that anyone is actually eating anything out of the Gulf) and the fear is a combination of the oil, both seen and unseen, along with the dispersants used weeks ago, will ensure seafood won’t be safe for consumption for at least a few seasons.

The second leak we, as a collective nation, are now facing is the leak of all those documents to a relatively unknown website (until now, that is), WikiLeaks.  More than 90,000 classified and secret documents now constitute the biggest unauthorized disclosure in the history of the military.  It’s sure to become very controversial, especially come election time.  New problems with countries the U.S. was already attempting to build trust with have developed and it reiterates the belief many have that the war no longer serves a purpose.  New questions have come up relating to the accuracy of all or part of these documents.  The U.S. and its credibility is taking a hard hit right about now.  The worst part, however, is the jeopardy our military has now been placed in.  No good can come from this.

Two leaks and no solutions.  The long term effects remain unknown, but one thing’s for sure, these events have definitive and long term repercussions.


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