Never Say Never – at Least When it Comes to Country Music

Chalk this up to one of those “never gonna happen” events that well, happened anyway.

Anyone who’s a fan of country music knows well the bad boys and girls, also known as Muzik Mafia, who keep us all on our toes and ready to break out into a quick two-step on the drop of a dime.  We never know what we’re going to see.  John Rich and Big Kenny (Alphin) make the incredibly talented duo of Big and Rich and are responsible for “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy” and “Lost in This Moment” (my personal favorite).  It’s not all that uncommon for one or both of the duo to strike out on occasion and release their own video, separate from the Big & Rich franchise, such as the latest efforts by John Rich.  If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out –really.

The single, “Country Done Come to Town” is reminiscent of the “Save a Horse” single; so much so that the video has many of the same characters including the freaky mannequin/live woman combination that Big Kenny seems to be hilariously attracted to in the first video.

This video, however, has a few things “Save” lacks.  And it’s the combination of what’s in the video that has this country girl nodding her head in approval.  My motto, when it comes to music, is if it ain’t got a twang, it ain’t got a thang.  Trust me, the steel guitar and redneck mentality is the cure-all for everything!

The video, of all things, brings together for the first time (in public, anyway) a few interesting folks (and objects) that no one would have believed if someone said Sebastian Bach, a red Rascal and George Jones would all be found front and center in a country music video.  It is what it is and what it is consists of a video with Sebastian Bach, long hair and all, doing his own jig, as well as George Jones in…you guessed it…a candy red Rascal and barreling his way through the crowd.  Who knew the Skid Row hottie and voice behind “18 and Life” and “I Remember You” (another personal favorite) would be shaking his newly-trim self next to George Jones and his little red motorized vehicle?

Only the genius of John Rich could have pulled this off.  It’s a blast!  The song rocks, the video moves fast and the end result is a sudden craving for a cold beer and a mess of crawfish.  In all fairness, I could’ve done without so many of the women who clearly invested in a lot of double sided tape (just sayin’), but the flashes of Bach and Jones (along with Gretchen Wilson and others you’re sure to recognize) made it worthwhile.  See for yourself:


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