“No Value”? Yep! In More Ways than One

Paul Jr. (Photo courtesy of TLC)

Anybody catch American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior on The Learning Channel tonight?  This is sort of a spin-off from the original American Chopper series where the Teutul family builds custom bikes.  Over the past several years, we’ve watched Paul Jr. and Paul Sr. do battle, all the while waiting to see which would happen first: Sr.’s head exploding or Paul Jr. getting a bellyful.  Looks as though Paulie’s bellyful came first.

In the first ten minutes, Michael, who is Paulie’s brother and Paul Sr.’s son, shows up at a local radio station to promote an upcoming American Heart Association event.  It takes two seconds for the focus to get lost in all the family drama. Before long, both Jr. and Sr. are on the phone and Mikey’s looking a bit frustrated.  Frankly, I don’t know how he keeps his sanity.

Granted, Paul Sr. has never been one to bite his tongue.  In fact, he wasn’t even able to refrain from using a few choice words during the live radio interview that will have the FCC on you faster than you can say “family drama”.  Paul Sr.

Mikey (Photo courtesy of TLC)

said OCC has no value, therefore, he owes Jr. nothing.  Hmm…my thinking is there’s no value in that degree of anger.  Meanwhile, Michael’s growing frustrated because the purpose of the interview is getting lost in this conversation that includes two men who live by the motto, “If it’s on my mind, it’s on my tongue”.

Here’s my problem – in all these years, has Paul Sr. not figured out that his fears and insecurities are coming out as anger?  He’s making so many brutal comments about his offspring that he’s missing the big picture; and once that damage has been done on the level he’s on, it’s incredibly difficult to pick up the pieces.  Within a matter minutes, he said that Paul Jr. was “always arrogant”, “failed at all three things he did” and that he’d punch him in the throat- and those are just the comments I can remember!  The worse part, from my perspective, is that it appears the senior Teutul would love nothing more than to pit his two sons against each other.  Ah…but then again…Sr. doesn’t have me fooled.  His passive aggressive manner tells the tale.  He’s interested in what’s going on with his two estranged sons, as evidenced by his adamant declarations that he had no desire to see the new location, yet there he is…cruising by the new home of Paul Jr. Designs.  As it happens, Jr. is standing outside and doesn’t miss his father’s rubber

Paul Sr. (Photo courtesy of TLC)

necking.  Beautiful day for a ride?  Yeah, right.  Oh…wait….Sr. pulls over right in front of Jr.’s shop and finds a few minutes for an interview.  Apologize already!  Life’s too short.

I imagine when the day’s done, those two will mend their fences.  It looks like there are a lot of great things going on for both of them.  It’d be a shame for Paul Sr. to miss out on his son’s upcoming nuptials.  Pride will bring you down – and keep you down – faster than any other human emotion.

And as for Michael – ladies, he’s single, sober and in his new place.


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