5 Most Annoying Commercials on TV Right Now

There are those commercials we all get a kick out of; they make us laugh and have us reaching for the remote to rewind the DVR.  And then there are the rest of the commercials.  These are the ones that have us making mental notes to never, ever buy the product so that we can stand our ground at how frustrating we believe their marketing and advertising efforts are.  And then we usually buy them anyway.  So with that thought in mind and a record number of these commercials flashing across the TV the past few weeks, here are a few cringe-worthy wastes of advertising budgets.

5. Any commercial for Swiffer.  The way they take a perfectly wonderful soundtrack from the ‘80s and pair it with ridiculous mops and brooms should be illegal.

4. The Allstate commercials that feature Dean Winters (Remember him? He was one of John Munch’s (Richard Belzer) partners in the early seasons of Law & Order SVU).  Why, Cassidy, why?  You were so cool in SVU!

3. The Totinos Pizza commercial with a bunch of kids who are just too…something.  I dunno.  Can’t stand the peculiar facial expressions of everyone in that commercial and frankly, I never was a fan of Kim Wilde’s “Kids in America”.

2. OK, so this one isn’t so much a commercial; but rather an infomercial.  What makes Kevin Trudeau believe he can hawk his products while remaining credible when he chooses a series of models  (and I’m not sure, but I’m thinking I might be using that term a bit too loosely) to share the wealth with?  Really?  Oh- and the best part is that he manages to keep a straight face as though it’s the most common occurrence ever.  Trust me, old chap – no one else is keeping a straight face out here in the real world.

1. And the Numero Uno Most Annoying and Frustrating Commercial on TV today – the Activia commercial where Jamie Lee Curtis pushes a cart through the park looking for volunteers to gobble some tasty yogurt!  It’s not so much the commercial itself, it’s the man who gets talked into trying it and then gives his testimonial before swallowing.  His voice is garbled as he tries to say, “Mmm…this is really good” in an exaggerated manner and with a mouthful of yogurt.  We’re blessed with a shot of his face as he attempts this feat. C’mon – it’s YOGURT – not Elmer’s Glue you’re eating!  If it’s that difficult, give it a few seconds when you can speak without looking like a complete goober. Sheesh!

And there it is – my list of commercials that I mute to avoid hearing whiney voices, stupid claims or unrealistic nonsense.  And yes, I realize in the whole scheme of things, this means nothing – but tell the truth…there are commercials that make you cringe too, right?  Let me hear them!  Tweet me, leave a comment or email me – can’t wait to see how close my list mirrors everyone else.


6 thoughts on “5 Most Annoying Commercials on TV Right Now

  1. I agree with the comments about the Activia commercial – why in the world did the producers not have the idiot swallow the yogurt before commenting on how good it was. The whole ice-cream truck scenario annoys me to – the yogurt tastes okay but no one would be that interested in it!

    Coincidentally another annoying commercial happens to be another Activia one – the one with the preschool teacher who says “it is thee best job in the world”. It sounds stupid but I find it annoying how she says “the” as “thee” – who does that and she’s supposed to be a teacher? Besides, are we to believe that eating Activia would help with any kind of job that might have a little stress (and what job doesn’t)?

    • A man after my own heart! I couldn’t agree more. Oh…but now…have you seen the MOST irritating AT&T commercial EVER? It’s the one where the three people are sitting at a table in a restaurant and the man lays his phone down with a picture of a spider and the woman starts screaming? I’ve never wanted to hurl my remote control at my TV until this one. And sometimes, when I can get it muted quick enough before she starts screaming, it’s all I can do to keep from screaming myself :). I can tell you without a doubt if some silly woman did that in any restaurant I was in, I’d most certainly need to make a phone call for bail money!! I think I need to update my list 🙂

  2. Yes, yes and yes!! Totally agree and the BK “thing”- completely weird and disturbing!! I forgot until you mentioned the Cottonelle, but what about the animated Charmin commercials that have the bear family? Goldlilocks and the 3 Bears have lost all sentimental meaning for me now! Love your list! Get better soon!!

  3. Good to know I’m not the only person annoyed by the sights, sounds, and topics of some television commercials. Here’s my list of the most annoying:

    5. Anything from Burger King featuring the guy in the King costume. He’s way too creepy and the provocative nature of the scenarios in most of these commercials leaves me feeling disgusted.

    4. Those slow-motion Hardees Thick Burger ads that feature people chomping into giant sandwiches with condiments dripping out of the sides and accompanying squishy-eating sounds while they act like the experience is orgasmic. What they should show is what happens to a person’s arteries from eating food like that.

    3. The Cottonelle toilet paper commercial with the puppy getting pampered at the spa. First of all, WHAT in the world does any of it have to do with toilet paper? But perhaps the worst part for me is when the puppy looks in the mirror and says “Looking sexy!” Really?! A “sexy” puppy?! Who thought that was a good idea to use in a t.p. commercial?

    2. The aforementioned Activia yogurt commercial with the goober mumbling through his mouthful of yogurt. Yes, people talk with their mouths full in real life, which is rude and gross, but I don’t want to have to see that on TV. It’s insulting to viewers.

    1. The Light and Fit yogurt commercial with Heidi Klum slurping, tapping the cup, and licking her fingers. This one affects me similarly to hearing fingernails scraped down a chalkboard. I thought its predecessor, the gal sucking the yogurt cup flat in the grocery store, was the worst it could get, but then along came Heidi. YUCK!!! For a while, it seemed Dannon had put this one on the shelf, but lately it’s back. I’m home sick from work today, and watched the Today Show between 8:00 and 11:00 a.m. I swear, that abominable ad ran during every commercial break in those three hours! Enough already! I love yogurt and eat it frequently, but not because of this ridiculous display of bad taste!

    Whew!! Feels good to finally vent about this! Thanks for the forum!

  4. The Activia commercial disgusts me SO MUCH that I literally went online and typed into Google: Activia “this is really good”. It’s freaking DISGUSTING. He makes it sseem like the yogurt is supposed to just be marinating in his mouth like that. It just.. I don’t know, it’s just so freaking sick. I will NEVER… EVER… EVVVVERRRRRRR try that sick yogurt. Or “Light and Fit”.. the yogurt commercial where Heidi Klum eats yogurt with her fingers and slurps the cup. I’m starting to hate yogurt all together. *barfs* “This is really good!”

    • marinating – that’s hilarious! And true!! Thank God for DVRs – I can record shows and then zoom through the commercials without ever having to roll my eyes.

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