What is Wrong With These Women?

Why can't they be gracious like Jane Wyman?

The very first time I ever heard “Insanity is the act of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” was in the movie, “The Lost Weekend”.  Ray Milland and Jane Wyman starred in this disturbing – but important – movie in 1945.  It won best picture in 1945 and a sterling effort by director Billy Wilder (see the movie trailer below).  It’s only recently that I learned this saying is also used in many 12 step programs.  Quite apt, I must say.  It’s also a statement both Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan could benefit from.  What is going on in these young women’s minds that allows them to bulldoze through their lives with little, if any, consideration for anyone else?

Does anyone even have an accurate number of arrests for either of these two?  I keep coming back to the way my sister and I was raised.  Mom and Dad didn’t care how much it hurt our feelings – not to mention our social lives – when they pulled our car keys or grounded us for a weekend (or two).  They were determined to bring us up right.  Bless both their hearts – it couldn’t have been easy with two daughters born less than two years apart.  I can only imagine how they would have reacted had either one of us been caught doing a tenth of what these two celebrities pull off time and again – whether we were teens or adults.

Paris Hilton in one of her mugshots

Paris Hilton now has three mugshots that I’m sure horrifies her parents.  I don’t imagine they have them framed and on their mantelpiece.  This latest arrest over the weekend (TMZ has the arrest report here) would be hilarious if it weren’t so dangerous.  She likely could’ve avoided the majority of the trouble she’s now in if her vanity hadn’t taken over.  Reaching for a tube of lip gloss, a “bindle” (whatever that is) of cocaine fell out of her purse.  Karma does exist!  She’s now facing felony charges for “possession of a controlled substance”.  Of all the things Paris Hilton has done in her past, I doubt very seriously if the words “felonious” and “Paris Hilton” would’ve been something anyone could have anticipated using in the same sentence.  And by the way – she clearly kept her focus on the lip gloss since she’s camera ready for her mug shot.

Oh, Lindsay! Girl….you’ve been out of jail and out of rehab for about six seconds.  And now, you’re already running through stop signs at 2 in the morning.  What’s this we hear about your filming in Louisiana later this year?  Oy!

At any rate, one teensy move across those very definitive lines outlined by the courts will keep her from going anywhere – and from the looks of the entitled treatment these celebrities receive, “anywhere” includes jail!

Lindsay Lohan in one of her mug shots

One more thought and I’ll jump off my soapbox – why do the media outlets feel the need to announce these high-dollar vehicles these girls travel and get pulled over in?  We’ve heard as much about the Cadillac Escalade Hilton was traveling in as we have the “bindle” (Really – what is a bindle?).  Same thing with Lohan’s nocturnal habits of driving around in the middle of the night – TMZ, Fox News – they’re all keeping us clued in about the Maserati she’s barreling through the stop signs in.  Put these girls in Dodge Darts and call it a done deal.  Better yet – send them to my mom’s house.  She’ll have them reciting in their sleep, “You don’t have to like me and you don’t have to love me – but you’re damn well going to respect me and yourself”.  Ah…our teen years!!


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