Really? These are Our Headlines?

Here it is, Mr. President

I’m the first to admit that I’m no good at biting my tongue.  Never have been and really, I don’t want to.  So now you have my disclaimer.

There are two news stories that have made the headlines at some point today on at least one of the major media sites.  The first one revolves around the absence of President Obama’s wedding ring during a 9/11 speech.  Twitter went crazy this afternoon about what the country’s leader was missing.  Does that really constitute a new Twitter trend?  If we can lock our keys in our cars or our homes or if we can pour a glass of wine or Diet Coke, only to have no idea where we left it thirty seconds later, a wedding band being left on the sink once or twice over the course of a marriage is not that big of a deal.  Oh, and did I mention this little news nugget was placed right next to an image of our American flag being burned in retaliation to others burning the Qur’an today?  Sorry folks, unless the missus hummed an iron skillet at the President because he was seen in public minus the gold band, then it’s not news.  Period.

An invitation

Next up is the insanity that the decision makers in Alexandria, VA are suffering from.  Residents throughout the area are now paying an additional $9 a month to pay for a computer chip in their recycling bins – to prevent theft, mind you while also, and I’m not how the logistics work with this, ensuring the bins are filled with the right (aluminum in the aluminum bin, paper in the paper…you get it) recyclable items.  I hate to be the one to crash the party, but I’m thinking this chip is going to further encourage theft; not for the value of the chips themselves, but just because you know there’s someone out there with this grand scheme of sticking it to the government, albeit the local government.   So, basically, citizens – who elected these same officials that just tacked another fee to their utilities –are not only seeing an increase in their monthly charges, but it’s going to serve no purpose.  They’ll come up missing, only to be found by the dozens, stacked up somewhere after having been torched or some other vandalism done to them.   So be watching for a new Twitter trend with the hash marks being “idiotgovernment” or “dumbcriminals” – you know it’s coming (if it hasn’t already)!  Idiots.


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