Does $250k Annually Make One Rich…or Just Obnoxious?

Professor Todd Henderson, who teaches corporate law at the University of Chicago may have just let his big mouth overload his even bigger annual salary.  A post, that was only up a very short time, included his confession that he and his wife, a physician at a Chicago area hospital, earn more than $250,000 annually.  He then says that they’re struggling to make ends meet, just as everyone else.  While this in itself isn’t necessarily that big of a deal, it’s the approach and other revelations that have the blogosphere going ten rounds.

The President Obama neighbor posted his monthly balance sheets, which include a quarter million dollar mortgage and student loans that total to yet another quarter million.  While no one is immune to living by a budget, the boasting nature of his post is what has become such a hot topic; and this is because of stories such as this.  It’s difficult to sympathize with one who clearly has no concept of the insulting nature of his post.

Henderson’s complaints about higher taxes for the “super rich” are difficult to stomach for the vast majority of Americans, who are still struggling with incredible unemployment numbers as well as the foreclosures that continue to plague every state in the nation.  People are mad because there wasn’t one ounce of humility in his blog post.  Needless to say, it came down quickly, but not before it lit more than a few proverbial “fires”.

His post initially was to show the Obama Administration that the Bush tax cuts would not serve his family’s purposes.  Newsflash, sir: get over it.  No one wants more taxes; but I can assure what folks do want is a roof over the heads and food to feed their children.  Your declarations of paying off high student loans and that overwhelming monthly mortgage payment fell way short with way too many Americans who’d be happy with just covering the minimal bases for survival.

The bottom line is Henderson is a success story by all stretches of the imagination.  For him to whine louder than a 4 year old whose mother just told him he couldn’t have cookies before dinner is just insulting and frankly, pathetic.  Come down off your pedestal, be grateful for what you do have, including an education that allows you to maintain a position as a college professor, and stop trying to feed your own ego with such ridiculous blog posts.  Your efforts failed and even your attempt to get the president’s attention likely failed, too.  I doubt seriously your family budget will affect what ultimately happens one way or the other.



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