A Rare Break

Yesterday, as anyone who knows me knows is true, was crazy.  I love politics, I love the debate and I love the power each of us should feel every time we cast a vote.  It’s important and it’s what my dad fought for in Vietnam and what each of the soliders since keep in mind when they choose the noble profession of going into the military.  It is absolutely nothing any of us should take for granted.  So, yesterday’s elections kept me busy for a lot of reasons, including the thirteen different columns I’d been contracted to write from various clients.

Today started out with my wrapping up a few other lingering political writings.  Before long, though, my son “facebooks” me and wants to know if I’ve heard the new Jason Aldean CD.  Of course, I haven’t yet because it’s usually Jake who fills me in on what I need to hear and what’s not really worth hearing.  We both love country music!  He’s drawn to those songs that tell the tales of small town USA.  After all, it’s what he relates to.  The Kenny Chesneys, the Brad Paisleys and the Eric Churchs of country music – he loves it all.  And I’ve liked Jason Aldean from the minute I heard his first single, Why (see the video below – it’s an incredible song).  So, Jake comes in this afternoon and we download the new CD, My Kinda Party.  He transfers it all to his BlackBerry and we’re listening to each track. By the way, every tune rocks!  Already, my favorite is the duet with Kelly Clarkson, Don’t You Wanna Stay.  I realize these are the moments that make life so incredible.  Just the two of us; my phone’s ringing, his friends are texting and calling, and we’re just hanging out and ignoring all of it.  He’s grown, or at least he thinks he is and in my rational mind, I know it’s true to an extent.  He’ll be 21 in a few months and I can’t help but wonder where the time’s gone.

Eventually, I say, “Let’s order a pizza”.  A half hour later, we’re piled up on the sofa, eating entirely too much and watching Andy Griffith reruns, where he recites a lot of it word for word.  It’s one of those incredible moments that will stay with me for no other reason than it was just him and me.  Rare and so important are they.

Of course, the moment passes and he announces he’s going for a run and then has to catch up on his homework.  I know, too, that he’ll be in his chosen career before long and even as I’m watching him pull out of the driveway, I’m already wishing him back.  In a flash, I’m back in front of the computer, keeping up with my workload and wondering when I’ll be blessed with another brief moment in time that I have him all to myself, where we do nothing but talk, eat and watch Andy Griffith reruns.



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