Oh, Sarah!

Y’all know I wouldn’t have missed Sarah Palin’s new show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC.  I recorded it, as always, so I could zoom through the commercials.  I have to say, I’m hooked.  I’ve always been a fan – there’s my disclaimer – y’all know I’m Republican.  I tried really hard to get my columns finished before I watched, though I fell short.  An email from another blog I subscribe to came in and I saw where I wasn’t the only one who was struggling with the getting the words down (by the way, you should really take a few minutes and read Write Shadow’s blog – she is a Poe fanatic and a really gifted writer) and that was all the permission I needed to grab the remote.

Within two minutes, I’m thinking, “Ah…another child who sometimes refers to Mom by her first name”. That still drives me crazy sometimes- I have one child (and when I say child, I actually mean a 20 year old); seems I’d be “Mom” all the time, right?  A few more minutes and I’m thinking to myself, “I had no idea 98% of black bears are in Alaska”.  Still, several more minutes into the show and I swear, I’m watching my own mother keeping a very close eye on her teenage daughter (like a hawk) and laying out the ground rules for the visiting boyfriend.  By the way, I have a clip posted below.

Regardless of where you stand with politics, there’s no denying the things everyone will relate to: family, motherhood, chasing your dreams and standing up to your fears.  And don’t forget the breathtaking photography found in practically every scene.  Mt. McKinley, the salmon and those incredible pines – it’s truly spectacular and my new “I’m gonna go there someday” place.  Of course, I need to hit my deadlines first and that’s not getting done right now.  So – if you missed it, find it on the DVR and record it.  Forget the politics and enjoy the ride – it’s worth it.


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