Hey, Hey, My My…This Charming Life

I have to say something (there’s so much!) about this week’s season finale of Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy.  I absolutely, positively love this show and I think it’s the only show on TV that I have in common with my son.   Unlike the monstrosities that are billed as “must see” TV these days (two words: Bridal Plasty), Sutter has hit Emmy gold – and I sincerely hope he gets what he deserves.  The actors were born to play those roles.

If you’re like me and splurge on some little something for yourself at Christmas, purchase the first two seasons or at a minimum, rent the first two seasons from Amazon.  Get caught up and then buckle up as you dive into season 3 – also, note the music in the episodes.  Ever heard of Joan Armatrading?  You will; she’s a Grammy nominated singer from the UK and the finale opens with This Charming Life, which is apt since the show’s set in fictional Charming, CA.  I’m always amazed at the beautiful music playing in the background as the brutality ensues.  The last song that played the season out is perfect for those final brutal events.  Battleme does Hey Hey My My in a very haunting manner.

The twists and turns in this gem are genius (I borrow that word from the kazillion tweets that include “genius” and “Sutter”).  The ending is exactly what a proper ending to a season should be: a definitive stop, unexpected events and of course, a hero (several actually – Chibs- played by Tommy Flanagan being one of them) – Sutter treated us to far more than any of us mere humans deserved.  Fair warning – there are some very graphic scenes in episodes throughout the first three seasons.  The finale that aired this week takes the cake.

Make no mistake – while it’s entertainment, there are those in this world who live that life.  Their loyalties are to their bike clubs and they kill with no remorse and would die for their brothers.  That might sound noble, and to some it may be, but there are many other adjectives that must be used before “noble” when it comes to a bike club.  Check out the clip below.

Note – I found the video for This Charming Life and am posting that instead of a clip from SOA.  It’s an unlikely choice for a show like this, but it works brilliantly with the shots from the opening scenes of the finale.  Go on and listen – my money’s on you heading straight to Amazon or iTunes to download it after you’ve heard it.


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