The Top 10 Moments of 2010 That Left Us Speechless

I really thought I’d have a hard time coming up with ten moments over the past year that resulted in a collective sigh and conversations that began with, “What were they thinking?” Not so. In fact, it was tough to narrow it down to only ten. Using my own shock meter, coupled with how much press any one story got, I finally whittled it down. Take a look and let’s see how your list of unbelievable moments stack up against mine.

10. What’s in a Name? Not Originality – I know the trends dictate which baby names will rise to the top – really, I get it. You can sometimes make an accurate guess as to when anyone was born if they had a mom who loved Britney Spears or Shania Twain. Who am I kidding; I don’t get it. Eh, it is what it is, though. This year, the names – and applicable television shows or movies – that are defining the most recent trends include Quinn (Glee), Betty (Mad Men), Bristol (Dancing With the Stars) and Aiden (Sex in the City?). OK…so this one’s not exactly mind-boggling, but it definitely rates an eye roll and a place on the list.

9. Dance the Night Away – or at Least the Season – Bristol Palin made it to the finals on ABC’s Dancing With the Stars. A sweet young woman, no doubt, but she beat out the far-better dancer, Brandy. But wasn’t it a phenomenal time for Jennifer Grey?

8. Four Wives & a Husband – Who could forget Kody Brown and his four wives? My mind is still grappling with that one. I’ve always said, though, these women are either brilliant or incredibly unaware. Still, the TLC reality show, Sister Wives, attempted a realistic look into both the home and lives of this non-traditional family. Besides, let’s face it, he really is a bit annoying. My guess is that he’d be divorced if any one woman had to tolerate him for too long.

7. No Woman Has This Tiger by the Tail – How many mistresses of Tiger Woods were we forced to endure this year? I lost track at 768. Woods is proof that if “Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”. He’s ringing in the new year hopefully with a few resolutions that he can manage without the assistance of the opposite sex.

6. You’re Making Me Ill! President Barack Obama signs the Health Care Overhaul Bill, making it law. Several states promise to sue, saying it’s illegal and/or unrealistic. Its official name is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. I have another name for it…but I’m too ladylike to say it.

5. Lean Meat – The disaster that is Lady Ga Ga had a point to make at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. The only problem is, no one can quite quantify what that point might be. When the singer accepted her Video of the Year Award in front of millions, it was the gasp heard around the world.

4. I Spy -Ten people, scattered across northern Virginia, Yonkers and Boston, were arrested by the federal government and accused of being a part of a Russian espionage ring. They were living under assumed names and were in “deep cover” with hopes of penetrating America’s “policy making circles”. They were deported back to their motherland of Russia this summer.

3. Restored Faith – For those of us who watched every moment of the rescue efforts of 33 Chilean miners knows that sense of holding your breath. Not a single life was lost and this was certainly the “feel good story” of 2010. Of course, I imagine it was a bit difficult for some of these men who exited the greedy cave with both a wife and mistress waiting anxiously.

2. Wiki What? Following the July 2010 release of the 90,000+ pages of confidential information, approved by Wiki Leaks founder Julian Assange, yet another 400,000 cables on the Iraqi War are released. The Pentagon calls this the “largest leak of classified documents in U.S. history”.

And to no one’s surprise, the biggest shocker of the year has to do with a foreign oil company, controversy and of course, oil:

1. Up from the Ground Came a Bubblin’ Crude – Well, maybe not the ground, but the ocean floor anyway. The BP Horizon explosion took the lives of eleven men and annihilated the Gulf of Mexico. The economy in several gulf states has yet to recover, especially since the economy as a whole has struggled for several years. The long term effects are simply not known.

And there it is – with stories like these, it’s going to be challenging to top 2010. As with all things, though, time will tell…

Here’s to a year that had it all and a new year that renews our hope and faith.


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