The One Topic I Swore I’d Never Write About

Politics, betrayal, adultery, human nature, love and hate – all topics that I’m perfectly happy to write about. The one topic I try to steer clear of, both on my blog and in projects I accept, is religion. It’s not that I don’t believe strongly in my faith (I do), it’s just that I know everyone else does, too. Generally, conversations about faith, religion and God tend to cause disagreements. I’m not interested in swaying another to my thought process no more than I’m willing to allow someone else attempt to steer me towards theirs. For me, it’s simple. I just happen to believe God is perfectly fine with whatever we choose to call our individual faiths, as long as it is about Him and as long as we move through our lives with the goal of helping others and doing good. I don’t believe it’s as important to Him as it is to us whether we label ourselves Catholic, Baptist or Jewish.

Now, though, seems like all eyes are on Arkansas. Dead birds and fish are causing many to believe the end of time is here. Maybe it is. I don’t know; neither does anyone else, including the many groups who believe May 21st is Judgment Day.

Harold Camping, who is the founder and leader of Family Radio Worldwide, has formulated his own calculations based on his interpretation of the Bible. Those calculations equate to the end of times occurring in a matter of months. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that’s not possible; what I am saying, however, is until my God confirms it, I won’t put much stock in this prediction. The way I see it, if Camping knows something this big and believes God told him, then God would have also told the rest of us too. I know, I know…the whole messenger thing. I think it’s more likely the end of times, whenever they occur, will come as a surprise to all of us. I know too the Bible teaches Revelation, but with so many who insist their interpretations are more accurate than the next person’s, the message often gets lost in those interpretations. This is just one more reason why “be the thinker in your own mind” is sage advice and, of course, why I steer clear of religious topics. It should also be mentioned that Camping predicted September 6, 1994 was “the” day, too. Do I need to point out the obvious?

While the various groups move forward with their billboards, bumper stickers and websites -each giving us fair warning that the countdown’s on, I think I’ll search for my answers in my Bible.


6 thoughts on “The One Topic I Swore I’d Never Write About

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  3. Bravo-very eloquently stated in a calm matter regarding a topic that can only be diplomatically stated as emotional. When I first heard about the Indiana quake, then the birds and fish in Arkansas, my conclusion was: The New Madrid Fault is waking up again. I didn’t know about the doomsday May date until today. Whatever the future holds, we should all enjoy today and be sensible.

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