This Week’s “A Day Spent With a Redneck Would Do You a World of Good” Inductees

I don’t even know where to start. There were several news stories last week that had my blood boiling. People have just lost their minds – there’s no other way to put it. Then I stop and realize that if I’d behaved the way any of these people below behaved, my mom would’ve had a “come to Jesus” meeting with me in about two seconds flat. You can be sure that little get-together would’ve started with, “Decent people don’t behave that way – what is wrong with you?” So now, here are this week’s folks who need either “a day spent with a redneck” or their own “come to Jesus” meeting – or both!

  • First up is not a single person, but rather a group of people who are a collective waste of oxygen. Last week, a California man was crossing a busy roadway when he was run over not once, but twice, by passing cars. Both drivers fled the scene. A woman who saw these accidents ran out to help the man, who was then lying in the middle of the street. She was then struck by yet another vehicle. This driver not only stopped, but jumped out to help the now two injured people who were lying in the roadway. This third driver was met by a mob of people who ran into the scene and began beating him as he was getting out of his car. They stole his cell before he was able to get back into his vehicle. He remained nearby and once police arrived, he returned to the scene and was able to identify one of those who’d jumped him. This is by far the worse of human nature I’ve seen in awhile. The two fleeing motorists and those who took advantage of someone trying to do the right thing should be dropped off on a thousand acres of land that have a thousand ponds in the middle of a Mississippi summer where the mosquitoes can wreak havoc.
  • Next we have the evil idiot in Idaho who, when he discovered his wife had won $190 million in the lottery, declared “That’s awesome! I won’t have to pay child support!” Not only is Josh Lahti a worthless father, he also is a worthless husband and human being. He’s been arrested in the past for abusing the wife he’s yet to divorce. They’ve been separated for years, though were not legally divorced. It’s likely his wife, Holly Lahti, would have loved nothing more than to divorce this moron, but she was too busy supporting her daughters as a customer service representative for a bank in her hometown. From all accounts, she is quiet, keeps to herself and sticks to her routine of going to work each day and spending the rest of her time with her daughters. Her husband, on the other hand, says he spends “most days” with his daughters. That’s difficult to believe, considering his arrest record goes back for at least ten years. His charges included everything from possession of drug paraphernalia to kidnapping to domestic abuse. Holly Lahti has now gone into hiding with her ten year old and twelve year old daughters. I sincerely hope that there’s not a judge in Idaho that will allow this jerk a single penny of his wife’s good fortune. In fact, I think he should be put in jail until he’s current with every single penny of his child support or until his wife can not only get a divorce, but have his parental rights severed. Come to think of it, maybe they can put him on the same plane that’ll be dropping those California idiots into the Mississippi woods.
  • Will someone please disable Jesse James’s Twitter account before I divert the Mississippi-bound plane through Texas to pick him up? I admit, there was a time, pre-Michelle McGee, that I liked him. I even had a picture on Facebook of him standing next to me at 2004 Steel Pony in New Orleans. Even his divorce due to his betrayal didn’t really cause too much of an eye roll; however, his choices since then have really caused me to wonder what is wrong with this goofball. His new fiance, Kat Von D, has caused the emotionless egghead to take to Twitter to declare he’s “the luckiest MoFo in the world” and he’s “never felt so loved”. Really? He put that out there? He then announces he broke his hiatus from Twitter just so he could “publicly profess” his love for this woman. Oh – and his definition of a perfect woman? One who gets him a sniper rifle for Christmas. Fair warning, Jesse James – when you hear my plane overhead swooping down to bring you on board, you’d better not so much as even look at that damn sniper rifle. Like it or not, you need a trip to Mississippi. What an idiot!

As frustrating as these folks are that we must share the human race with, there are some winners this past week. I’ll be putting those up over the next couple of days. In the meantime, let me know who you think should be on this list.


5 thoughts on “This Week’s “A Day Spent With a Redneck Would Do You a World of Good” Inductees

  1. Lumpfish, Donna! I had not heard a word about the California traffic/hit and run/beat down incident. How absolutely appalling! I love your form of justice for the no-gooders, though. Maybe I’ve been living in my on little naive world in the land of Oz, but I didn’t even fathom that people like that existed. I mean, yes, sadly, I could imagine one of those travesties transpiring, but never all together like that! Now MY blood is boiling!

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