Warn Your Sons and Then Hide Them

About a year ago, I’d sent out an invitation for moms and/or daughters who were a part of the pageant circuitry. I received close to two dozen responses; which is good, of course, unless you’re dealing with pageant moms and/or daughters. It quickly became apparent that I’d chosen the wrong topic. Not a single one could resist asking if I’d showcase their professional photos. I explained the focus wasn’t so much on furthering anyone’s career, but rather, the goal was to take a realistic look at both sides – positive and negative. I don’t recall ever rolling my eyes so often. I ditched the idea in its entirety and never looked back. Then…the new season of TLC’s Toddlers & Tiaras began.

I don’t recall ever seeing so many coddled and entitled children in my life. Make no mistake – my problem is not even with the pageant circuit, but rather, the dynamics within these families. These adults are setting their daughters up for what’s sure to be a very difficult life. In tonight’s episode, a father promised his daughter $100 just to get on stage and smile. Another father shoved sugar down his daughter’s throat and then her mother had to keep her calm before she went on stage.

And speaking of fathers – and I’m trying really hard to keep some sense of decorum – but these fathers are spineless. There. I said it. They actually learn their young daughters’ dance routines. Why? To help their girl? Surely not since the parents are dropping major bucks for dance lessons.

These little girls are spoiled with the most unrealistic sense of entitlement. It’s almost vulgar. What are they going to do when these little ones grow up and realize not everyone’s going to cater to their every whim? I’d hate to know one of these girls grew up and set her sights on my son. They’re not always going to get the same response as they do now when they tell their mothers they want to smack them. Someone needs to tell them there’s going to come a day when making those comments will result in them picking their frilly butts up off the ground.

For my part, I have to take a step back and ask myself why I look forward to this show every week. Best I can figure is it’s my own passive aggressive way of speaking my mind. I can yell at these clueless moms all I want.


6 thoughts on “Warn Your Sons and Then Hide Them

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  2. The more I think about it, the more I come to believe these little girls will, like you said, become “messed up monsters” in many ways. There is so much artificial “stuff” going on from both a psychological and materialistic perspective, there’s almost a certainty in it. You’re definitely right – it’s a televised freak show.

  3. Toddlers & Tiaras is a televised ‘freak’ show that reveals how some parents are so willing to their turn their daughters into messed-up monsters of the future who think the world revolves around them and believe that beauty is everything and is a golden ticket to anything in life. Oh please, these girls need something healthier than some stupid pageant, really.

    I hope your son will not bring home one of those girls back for dinner and I understand where you are coming from. Trust me, if I have a son, I rather if he dates a Hermione Granger-like girl who cares about everyone around her than some daft bimbo who only cares about herself, her designer goods, looks and nothing else. By the way, I am a young female in my twenties and I do not find child beauty pageants all that appropriate and nice. Every now and then, to see a little girl being dolled up like a mini-stripper who wiggles her bum for the judges just makes my blood boil.

  4. Locked in his room – that’s funny! I’m lucky in that my son likes a girl that can bait her own fishing pole, so hopefully, girls like these won’t even be on his radar. I agree totally – I’d want her out of my house pronto! 🙂

  5. I can’t bring myself to watch an episode of this show because the previews alone makes me want to take my shoe off and throw it at the tv. I am afraid if I watch it in all of its glory I might ruin and destroy my tv and like my tv. I can’t get over the families, the kids, the attitudes. These girls are going to have a huge ugly wake up call down the road in their life. They will have many problems in school and with friends. I know I wouldn’t want my daughter running around with someone who acts like this and I am with you regarding hiding your sons. If he brought a girl home that acted anything like this she would be asked to leave immediately and he will be locked in his room! 😉
    Great post!

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