Its Only January – Couldn’t They Pace Themselves?

With a background in marketing, I’ve seen my fair share of senseless and/or failed marketing ploys. just might be this year’s recepient of the “Huh? Why?” award – and it’s still January! The company has built what I believe is a formidable brand in the online retail market. Now, though, they’ve announced a new website – Not “”, which the brand doesn’t own (in fact, no one does that I can find), but “”. Why? This doesn’t even take you anywhere different – you still end up on the company’s homepage. Was it because is so time consuming to type? Have they not considered every single person in the world who has an internet connection types “.com” in their browsers without so much as a single thought? It’s like typing your name – your fingers just automatically type. Now, though, for those who think they just might get used to eliminating the “verstock” to save, oh, I don’t know – half a second, maybe – they’re going to waste more time trying to figure out why the page didn’t load because of that troublesome “m” at the end of “com” than it would’ve taken to type “overstock” ten times.

Good going, Overstock – or O – or whatever. My life’s improved. Greatly.


5 thoughts on “Its Only January – Couldn’t They Pace Themselves?

  1. Haha! You crack me up. That is weird, though. I guess my better needs to go down to How about you, Stupid dashes. I guess we’ll probably have to drop them, too–can’t have everyone over-extending their fingers or anything.

  2. We are headed to all abbreviated communication and living. Reminds me of a high school sci-fi play we read when I was a sophomore where there’s a pill for everything and no one knows what the “from scratch” principle is. I’m hazy on most of the plot twists but I remember the ending where the hero gets the girl and she wants them to take the pill for making a baby and the scene ends with the hero saying he’d like to do it the hard way. Ha Ha Curtain. Anyway, our society is about to reap what it’s sewn on the lackadaisical front.

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