One thought on “Is it Just Me?

  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about!
    Ok-most of the people who aren’t usually on tv get so serious about it at the time, they lose themselves in the celluloid cellophane of unreality of doing tasks that can be covered in the narrative.
    Mary Hart has got to be a cyborg. She’s really a 107 and is probably the stand in for Liz Taylor-did you see how they were filming poor Liz who is probably 270 years old rolling out of the doctor’s office then showed a picture of Liz’s last “official” outing? They have no shame! I really doubt Mary and Nancy’s humanity so I vote for cyborg which would explain the obvious faux pas of the pot calling kettle on cosmetic surgery.
    I think it all goes back to the alcohol content in the vanilla. I would not be surprised if your post about this becomes the fundamental base of someone’s Home Ec master’s thesis. I think it would be in Betty Crocker’s best interest to find out.

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