A Disturbing Week in a Disturbing World

The thing about freelance contract writing is that you never know what awaits in your inbox. Could be a piece on British literature or it could be a request to analyze the latest celebrity scandal. That’s one reason I love what I do – this week, for instance, I wrote an extended piece on former President Ronald Reagan’s time as California’s governor and then the next day, a client asked me to differentiate the types of apples that grow in the U.S. Never a dull moment, for sure. That said, the crazier the week, the more insanity I expose myself to. I’ve made mental notes all week that first, I need to post to my blog; but I also made notes of what upcoming posts would be about. Of course, with the exception of the waste that is now Charlie Sheen, my mind’s blank. At any rate, let’s see what unfolds.

Fox News reported today that a Georgia lawmaker is once again (after countless failures) attempting to override the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize abortion. That in itself isn’t surprising – abortion remains one of the hottest debates in this nation, what does send my blood pressure soaring is the invasive language written into this latest effort. If it were to pass (and it won’t), Rep. Bobby Franklin, who’s a Republican, would first rename abortions as “prenatal murder” and then, for those women who suffer the devastation of miscarriage, they may find themselves having to prove they were in no way involved with the loss of their pregnancy. Regardless of where anyone stands on abortion, this latest attempt is at the core of what many fear: too much government intrusion. Oh, and did I mention that failure to convince the right folks that this loss was not intentional could result in the death penalty? Just what the country’s health care debate needs, right? On top of a miserable solution for those with no health insurance, some would have to then add attorneys fees on top of their loss to defend themselves against murder charges.

And how about the latest Julian Assange nonsense? Thankfully, a British judge told him he has to return to Sweden to face rape charges. His attorneys have a week to appeal, and they say they will, but it looks like he may be nearing his day of reckoning. His lawyers argued that their concerns were that Sweden would turn him over to the U.S. I seriously doubt that.

And of course, how is anyone going to be able to pay for gas once it hits $5 a gallon? I think I saw on the news that it’s already near that in California. So much for the light at the end of the financial tunnel. Two words: recession reload.

On a much better note, spring has sprung at my house! My yard has at least eight camellia trees, each one a different color and the pinks and reds bursting through the green is nothing short of magical. There’s a huge pink camellia tree right outside my door. Every day when I open the blinds, that’s what I see. What’s even more beautiful is the wisteria vines intertwined; when they’re both blooming, I swear, it’s a religious experience! I’ll post pictures in the next few days, I want to wait until they’re in full bloom.


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