All This Going on in My Front Yard…

OK…so I couldn’t wait for the wisteria to bloom.  Here are some pictures – minus the pretty purple flowers that wisteria presents – of my yard.  And folks wonder why I could never see myself building a life anywhere else!

(By the way – I have always spelled lorapellum as, well, lorapellum. After much debate with someone who’s considerably wiser, I begrudgingly agreed to at least add another spelling. So there. Loropetalum. I spelled it both ways. Still convinced I was right the first time.)

This is the Loropetalum that blooms so beautifully this time of year. On the right is a huge camellia tree and in the background is my house.

These are tiny little huckleberry blooms waiting to burst open (they’ve already begun).  The magic in this is that it grows up in the center of a huge camellia. The reds and whites are just amazing! Can’t wait for them both to be in full bloom!

This is right outside my sliding glass door. This cedar tree, along with a huge live oak on the other side of the house, keeps my back yard very well shaded.  The pink camellia in the left side of the shot stands about 12 ft. high.  Just beautiful!

Another shot of the pink camellia.  The vines that you see are the wisteria that’s yet to bloom.  I can’t even describe how amazing these two look together when they’re both in bloom.

So there it is – the reason why there’s no better place in the world.  This Mississippi girl ain’t goin’ nowhere!!


2 thoughts on “All This Going on in My Front Yard…

  1. I’m going to be planting wisteria to grow on the fence around the yard this year (attempting to create an English garden in Kansas). Any tips for helping it vine out with nice, thick coverage?

    • I think the best thing you can do is to cut them back in the winter (they say that helps each season) and to ensure they get a lot of sunlight. Apparently, they’re pretty hardy (they’re growing in my yard, after all 🙂

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