I love words that are fun to say! Ponderosa is one of those sing-song words that I never get tired of saying (even when I drive everyone around me crazy….probably why I’m divorced).  But that’s not the topic of this post; not really.  Actually, it’s about spring! I had tons of deadlines today, mostly because I opted to steer clear of the computer this weekend, which I only partially succeeded in doing.  Still, despite the deadlines, I couldn’t resist being outside.  The wisteria’s still not bloomed, but I made my way to my neighbor’s greenhouse.  It’s closer to my house than theirs and they’re so good – they give me free rein, which is good considering everything from bananas to tomatoes to strawberries to okra grows out in that field and in the greenhouse.  They’ve not yet taken the heavy plastic off the frame from the winter and when you walk into it, you’re hit with this heavenly citric scent that draws you in and really makes it hard to leave. It’s like a wonderland to me because I’ve never seen anything like it.  We always had gardens, of course, but this is different. Their grandchildren love being out there too – I imagine it’s a hide and go seek paradise for them.  So, take a look at a few of the photos.

There are about five or six different varieties of bananas growing. The trees are growing about 20 foot high. Here’s a stalk of green bananas.

These are ponderosa lemons. They’re HUGE! Perfect for pies and I have two on my kitchen table right now. I think I’m gonna try to bake some pies!

The Greenhouse.

More bananas.

Green lemons that haven’t ripened. I thought they were limes at first.

Another look down the length of the greenhouse.

The pears from this tree are so good!

New growth on the fig trees in the back yard. Mom makes the BEST strawberry-fig jam!

Gonna do my best to stick to deadlines tomorrow, but temptation is a powerful force!


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