The Sum of the Day

Fair warning – I’ve pulled out my soapbox one more time. Now. You’ve been warned. There’s just no escaping the irony of what’s in the media today. From Chris Brown’s anger issues to the Obama Administration’s insane declaration. Here we go –

President Obama announced in the overnight hours (while he’s still on vacation) that the U.S. was preparing to give the lead in the Libya crisis over to another country. WHAT?!?! Yes – our president is ready to put the fate of our military in another’s hands. I, along with millions of other Americans, am still trying to figure that out. I don’t understand why we had to do the whole Libya thing last week anyway. Our military is too overwhelmed and yes, I absolutely believe we have the most powerful military in the world. I support all of our service men and women; that said, we’re already fighting two wars and have many resources in Japan as well. Still, and for whatever reasons, we’re right there in Libya. And while we’re there we should maintain our position and not put the safety, fate and future of our military in another country’s hands. Period. What is wrong with this Administration?

Chris Brown. Wow…what’s next with this guy? His reputation has taken yet another hit; just when everyone was hoping he’d come full circle and dealt with his anger issues. This morning, in an interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, he was asked a few questions about the 2009 incident with then-girlfriend Rhianna. He clearly didn’t want to talk about it. Initially, I thought, “Why does she keep steering the conversation back to this when he’s clearly not wanting to discuss it?” Turns out, Brown agreed to a few questions about the incident and Robins was simply attempting to get his sense of where he was in his life now. After the interview, he returned to his dressing room and annihilated it. He threw a chair out of the window and glass rained down on passersby in New York City. He was furious! After he and his group left the building, Brown tweeted something along the lines of never being able to live this down while Charlie Sheen is celebrated for his violence. He took the tweet down moments later, so I don’t recall it verbatim. The fact is, he’s right. Folks are dumping money into Sheen’s lap these days – and he has several arrests for domestic abuse. He’s being treated differently than Brown is (Hell, the whole world lives differently than Sheen). That

Former President Bush and First Lady Barbara Bush

said, Brown, in one fell swoop, became his own worst enemy this morning and all that hard work on the album he was promoting might be for naught.

Next up: the Coast Guard is really beginning to get under my skin. Why is this agency sugarcoating the facts on the latest oil found in a huge area of the Gulf of Mexico? It’s oil. Period. It’s worse than pulling teeth getting this government agency to make a statement that’s not filled with, “but”, “maybe”, “perhaps”, “possibly”. I’m ready to pull my own teeth.

Finally, I have to say, I felt a sense of pride when I saw every single living president (well, almost eery single living president) come together to honor George H. Bush. Former President Clinton said in a speech that he’s come to love and appreciate the elder Bush and that since working with him in various causes over the years, he’s had an epiphany:

And this man I’d always liked and respected and run against in a painful campaign in some ways… I literally came to love. And I realized all over again, how much energy we waste fighting with each other over things that don’t matter.

Well said.

Of course, President Obama wasn’t there. I hear he’s on vacation.


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