Another Day in Lucedale

Can y’all take one more group of photos?  I don’t ever recall spring fever being so persuasive as it is this year.  I wanted to work outside today, but five minutes after I got comfortable, a sheen of pollen was very evident on my laptop…so back inside I went.  Not only that, but my allergies are horrible – and I hate taking Benadryl because it makes me so drowsy – never a good idea when clients are waiting.  At any rate, I did hang outside for a little while, even if I didn’t get any work finished.  Take a look at the gorgeous colors, courtesy of Mother Nature.

Here’s the Wisteria I’ve been waiting on.  My friend Jessica had said she was considering Wisteria – as you can see, it climbs and is growing up oak trees that are 40′ high.

I didn’t realize there were so many different Camellias blooming.  Not that it matters, regardless of which variety it is, it’s still one of my favorite flowers:


I still can’t believe all of this grows in my yard!


This was yesterday…

And this is today…

And this is sort of behind the house and closer to the road – two colors of Azaleas:


5 thoughts on “Another Day in Lucedale

    • The pictures just don’t do it justice. Oooh….but don’t make the same mistake I did – I actually tried to eat them one time when I was little. They just looked so much like grapes! 🙂

      • LOL! Well, shoot… and here I wanted them just to dress up my salads when company came over. You’re right– they DO look like grapes! Haha

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