And Now For Some Perspective…

I love Skype – I think it’s best thing since peanut butter…or the internet. It gives me an opportunity to chat with clients who I’d otherwise only communicate with via email. I was speaking with one of my clients “across the pond” about a new project. Making small talk until the other party connected, I asked him, “So I guess everyone’s pretty excited about the big wedding” to which he replied, “Oh? Whose?” I said, “Well, William and Kate, of course”. He paused and then said, “Who the bloody hell is William and Kate?” And half a second later, he said, “Oh…of course! Yes. The big wedding. Well, I’ve seen something here and there on the telly. Yes, I suppose it’s a big deal”. I thought to myself if he only knew how big it is over here. We have movies being made, entire film crews from Entertainment Tonight setting up shop under the Queen’s windows and American men are rolling their eyes because their wives or girlfriends are demanding “the Kate ring”.



2 thoughts on “And Now For Some Perspective…

  1. Tell that guy to merchandise a shirt that says “Who the bloody hell is William and Kate?” because I would buy it! That’s hysterical! On a side note-did you msake it thru the wicked storms last night?

    • I know, right? I’d SO buy it too! Yes, and here’s the crazy part: it rained for MAYBE 4 minutes….and it was just a light shower. 30 miles north, though? They’re STILL not letting people in. Leakesville has substantial damage.

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