Ready for the Appeals?

As crazy as the past month’s been and as frustrated as I’ve been writing on the Casey Anthony case (it has truly consumed me), I have this burst of energy as the defense is slated to wrap up its case today. With the two clients I’m writing for, I have to recognize a certain mentality and I also have to keep it less about my opinions and more about the “black and white” of the case. I’ve also deliberately steered clear of posting too much on my blog because, well, frankly, when I’m losing sleep because I’m afraid I’ll oversleep the next morning, I know I’m in too deep. My TV hasn’t been turned off – not once – in 30 days and I keep a window open with a live stream on my computer when the trial’s going on – just in case some stray thunderstorm comes through and knocks either satellite or DSL out. Saying all that, I realize this case is coming to a fast end. It occurs to me that aside from the quick phone calls I make to my mom during the many sidebars (more on that later), I’ve pretty much kept my opinions to myself. Until now.

I think Casey Anthony’s goose is cooked. And the bad part of that is she’s not been proven guilty – by any stretch of the imagination. That’s not to say she’s innocent, but what I am suggesting is the prosecution has not met its burden. Period. Worse, her defense team has sorely under-represented her. I think Jose Baez has allowed the prosecution team to rattle him. I’m amazed that so much has gotten past him and the other attorneys at the defense table. Baez was adamant about not allowing evidence in that included George Anthony’s purchase of a handgun in 2009. He fought it tooth and nail. No way, no how did he want it brought out in open court that his client’s father bought a gun. I know he had his reasons, but what he missed was a golden opportunity to turn the train around, so to speak, and ask George Anthony, “So you bought a gun because you’re capable of homicide?” He got so wrapped up in fighting it that he never stopped long enough to consider the power of that one simple question. That’s just one of many lost chances.

Then there is all of the petty nonsense of state prosecutor Jeff Ashton. From the disrespectful tie he wore in an effort to save some basketball player (the tie had a website’s logo and address on it) to accusations of misconduct from both sides to the police misconduct that has been suggested by more than one witness, it’s little wonder that the focus has shifted from justice for the little girl to justice for the defendant. And don’t even get me started on the blatant bias from the media. In a sue-happy society, the media has seemingly forgotten the basics of journalism and has left many networks vulnerable for lawsuits, which I’m sure are coming.

Baez also forgot to follow up on an invoice that belonged to the meter reader, Roy Kronk. We’ll never know for sure but apparently, there was something incriminating on that receipt (which is dated the day before Kronk “found” the remains of Caylee Anthony). Baez asked a question, the prosecution objected, a quick sidebar was held and the best I can tell is he realized the judge was about to call a recess for lunch and he figured he’d ask one last question before everyone left for lunch. That question was, “Mr. Kronk, do you recognize this receipt?” Kronk smirked, sat back and said, “Yeah.” And it was never brought up again after lunch when Kronk returned to the stand.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is none of it matters now. Jose Baez said on Wednesday that he expected to wrap up his case by Thursday. Where’s the attack mode? Why hasn’t he put the heat on George Anthony or Lee Anthony, who he said molested his client? If he leaves that out there without ever addressing it, I can’t think of anything worse for those two men than to live the rest of their lives with that hanging over their heads. And the jury will remember that. Baez also promised in his opening statements that he would explore why, during one of the first 911 calls, Cindy Anthony’s panicked voice screams out to her husband, “Caylee’s missing!”, George Anthony’s voice wasn’t recorded demanding answers. Baez made a legitimate point, but he’s yet to address it. He also mentioned providing proof that George Anthony entered into an affair with one of the volunteers who showed up to look for his granddaughter. Why hasn’t this woman been called to testify that first, there was an affair and next – and more importantly – to reiterate claims that George Anthony confided to her that he knew what happened to the little girl (he supposedly told her the baby drowned). Why hasn’t Baez had a psychologist on the stand to explain the love/hate relationship between Casey and Cindy? If it’s true (and I’m not saying it is), but if it’s true that Casey Anthony was molested by her father, then the actions and brutal fights between mother and daughter make complete sense. It’s entirely possible that Cindy did not view her as her daughter, but rather, her competition.

If today’s truly the final day for the defense, there is no way Baez will be able to get all of those witnesses on the stand in one day.

It could very well be that Casey Anthony isn’t convicted; though it’s more likely a new trial will be granted at some point if and when the jury finds her guilty.

The one bit of sanity in all this are those debates with my mom. Let me say this: my mother believes the sun rises and sets on Nancy Grace. Y’all – I’m serious. She has a dog named Nancy Grace. Ask her why and you’ll hear, “Cause she’s from the south and she’s a little spitfire – just like Nancy Grace”. Ugh. Anyway, Mom swears Casey Anthony is guilty. I’ve kept an open mind for the most part. Every time I suggest it’s possible Casey Anthony had nothing to do with her child’s death, Mom takes it upon herself to correct my way of thinking. I guess she feels it’s some maternal obligation. Or maybe Mom has Nancy Grace’s direct number and the two of them chat all night long. Who knows!


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