Impressive, But Still…

The past several days have been all about Google’s new social networking site. Those in the know say both Twitter and Facebook are shaking in their social networking boots. Make no mistake: the features are very impressive, but really, aren’t we getting tired of clamoring to every new site where the cool kids are hanging out? Didn’t we outgrow that in high school? Frankly, I’m thinking a lot of us are just too tired to build yet one more digital social presence. Facebook took a little getting used to several years ago, but now, there’s a tab open 24/7 around here (and if you don’t believe me – ask my son who calls me a Facebook stalker). Then, I was told if I was going to really grow my business, Twitter would simply have to become as important as brushing my teeth. That was an even bigger learning curve, but once that was behind me, I absolutely agree it’s a crucial networking dynamic.

Now, though Google + is telling us that not only should we run with its latest offering, but we have to create circles – and that’s after we convince all of our friends to make the switch. Designated circles sounds fine, but that could become rather awkward – what happens when your best friend ends up in your “acquaintances” circle? That could be an interesting conversation. It reminds me of all of those really cool organizational apps – it looks good and the thought of being able to organize every single moment of your day on some calendar app is something most of dream of, but once you get into it, you quickly become overwhelmed with an overkill of organization. Most of us abandon them because they’re too time consuming, which, of course, defeats the purpose. Believe me, I’ve uninstalled more of these apps than I care to own up to.

It looks as though Google + just might be what gives Mark Zuckerberg a run for his money. And, too, if it becomes as big or bigger than Facebook, we’ll either have to make the transition or risk clinging to a sinking ship – much the way MySpace devotees did.


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