Could it be Headline News and its overly-aggressive and often-annoying anchors have enjoyed their final moments of their “15 minutes of fame?” If the lack of coverage on this morning’s release of Casey Anthony is any indication, then yes – they’re the has-beens that never really were. I know there are folks who believe the sun rises and sets on Nancy Grace, Jane Velez Mitchell and Vinnie Politan. I’m just not one of them.

I’ve long since voiced my disgust at their lack of ethical reporting and what I believe are biased reporting methods. Even after the not guilty verdicts came back on the three biggest charges Anthony faced, they continued to make comments such as “She murdered her daughter” and “We know she killed her baby, we might not know how, but we know she did.” You can’t do that. Even when responsible journalists are talking about folks who’ve not even been tried in court, they are accountable for the things they say. I remember when Drew Peterson was first accused of being involved with the disappearance of his wife, Stacey, Nancy Grace went to great lengths to ensure she and her guests incorporated the word “alleged” whenever it was appropriate.

Nancy Grace (CNN)

He was allegedly involved. Or he allegedly hid money….it was always “alleged”. Now, though, Anthony has had her day in court and was found not guilty of murder. Yet, these talking heads continue to slander the process as a whole. They’re angry – and at this point, it’s difficult to ascertain who their anger is directed at and why. Of course, it’s Anthony they’re directing their hatred towards, but they’re being quite generous with their criticisms. From the lawyers to the jury to the still-undetermined father of Caylee, if it’s on their minds it’s on their tongues.

So why was HLN absent from this final and dramatic conclusion to the Casey Anthony saga? We know Jane Velez Mitchell was at the jail because her hokey interviews with protesters have been airing all day. From the woman whose red marker bled on one of the photos of Caylee Anthony (she said it was God speaking to her) to the woman who thought it appropriate to bring her two young children out at midnight to “witness” the moment, Velez Mitchell found a way to hone in those most….interesting….protestors. MSNBC, Fox News and even HLN’s sister site, CNN, all broke into their programming for live footage of Anthony’s departure from the jail and eventually the state of Florida. Now, almost 24 hours later, Nancy Grace is still mum. That has got to be one of the most curious events of this entire brouhaha. And as for “live coverage all day Sunday”, that’s certainly not true. The network is looping recorded footage over and over…and over…..and over.

And of course, Twitter is alive and well with various stories. Last night when Vinnie Politan tweeted to his followers to join them on Sunday for HLN’s all day coverage, I tweeted back that it wasn’t necessary. They’d be about six hours too late. Then, another tweeter, seeing the sarcasm, tweeted me back and said, “vinniepolitan hater! LOL. HLN flippin you off for not covering it live”. This funny tweeter (his tweets are hilarious) and I don’t see eye to eye on the jury’s reasoning, but he definitely saw the irony and humor in such a ridiculous tweet by Politan.

So what does all of this mean? Are those defamation suits coming full circle? Has HLN been warned by FCC? Who knows. Either way, it looks as though the network as a whole has been brought down a notch or two. And I say it’s not a moment too soon.

And yes – my mom, who STILL thinks the sun rises and sets on Nancy Grace, will be calling me as soon as this is posted. Then again, maybe she won’t because when I called her last night a little after eleven p.m. (we’re on CST), she was STILL loyally waiting for HLN to break in and was patiently suffering through what I’m sure is the 89th showing of the Casey Anthony trial. When she realized she was missing Anthony’s exit from jail, she was not a happy camper. Still, I don’t look for her to change the name of her dog from Nancy Grace (a name she chose with nothing but affection in her heart) to anything else. The dog’s used to it.


4 thoughts on “HLN MIA

    • Donna it’s all about them (the Nancys the Janes and the Vinnies) not about anyone else. It’s all about who they beat up with there words to draw attention to themselves. IT’S ALL ABOUT THEM!

      • I agree and in the meanwhile, there’s a woman who’s been forced into hiding. It’s really not even about the way anyone feels about Casey Anthony anymore. In one fell swoop, these so-called professionals have annihilated the American justice system. This isn’t the way it should be – on any level.

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