The Fabric of Our Free Society

For those who weren’t immersed in the ongoing debt debates this past weekend, odds are, the only things you learned from mainstream media is that Miley Cyrus got a tattoo symbolizing her support for gay rights and that Amy Winehouse bought $2000 in crack cocaine and heroin the night before she died (if you believe a drug dealer named Mr. Big).

Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely you heard about a Mississippi judge who sentenced a former NAACP leader to five years in prison for each of the ten counts of voter fraud she was convicted of. Lessadolla Sowers will be allowed to serve her terms concurrently, though she will not be eligible for early release. In other words, she’s spending five years behind bars.

The trial ran in Tunica County, which is in the northwestern corner of the state. It gets its name for the Tunica Navtive Americans.

Circuit Court Judge Charles Webster said at sentencing that her crimes “cut against the fabric of our free society”. She voted many times in the 2007 Democratic Primary using the names of deceased people and six still-living people. She must also pay restitution and all court costs. While there were 31 ballots that had her DNA and were admitted into evidence, 21 counts were dropped.

This story and the fact the big media outlets chose to ignore it boggles the mind, especially considering the earlier-referenced stories that are still on at least two of the national media websites. It speaks volumes about the priorities of not only the media itself, but our society as a whole. Were it not for a local journalist in Tunica, it’s unlikely anyone outside that small town would’ve known about this blatant disregard for our judicial system.


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