Why I Got Fired

Not sure who will believe this, but here’s what happened. I had planned a vacation for months and really was looking forward to it. Like everything else going on right now, times were tough and even though I knew the timing wasn’t ideal, I was determined to keep my plans. My boss called me in and this was the conversation:

Boss: I really need you to postpone this vacation. The whole damn bottom is falling out and the timing is awful for you to bail right now. I’m serious – you have to postpone.

Me: I don’t know. I mean, you know…like….I’ve been planning this for months. And like, I want to help, I really do, but I don’t think it’s fair that you demand I postpone my vacation.

Boss: Look, I’m telling you point blank – things are about to get really bad around here. You can’t go on vacation. We have another round of layoffs next week and we haven’t had new bids come up for two months now.

Me: I tell you what I’ll do – I’ll make it a working vacation and when I get back, I’m going to have some awesome new plans to turn this train around. You’re gonna sooooo love it too.

Boss: I don’t know. I really need you to stay. What is it you think you can do on vacation that will turn everything around?

Me: I don’t know. But trust me. I will. But I’m going on vacation and that’s that.

Boss: You know what? I can’t rely on you. You constantly argue with co-workers, you refuse to do anything and instead, you shove all of your responsibilities onto others. You were supposed to rein in your spending and instead, our profits are down. We’re on the brink of bankruptcy and while I know it’s not all your fault, you have definitely played a significant role in this nightmare. Why don’t you make your vacation permanent?

Michael Scott would NEVER fire me!

OK…so I totally made that up. Like I’m going to fire myself! But…the point I’m trying to make is if anyone approached their boss with that kind of non-plussed attitude, irresponsible decision making process and a clear lack of interest in the well being of the company, they’d be off like a dirty shirt. Yet, as I write this, the Dow is down 500 points again, unemployment claims were up again this week and new home sales are down – again. Where are our political leaders? Specifically, where is our president? He’s on vacation again. He’s on vacation with a promise that he’s going to make it a working vacation and will announce big changes upon his return. Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds like an immature and less than ethical employee who’s hell bent on keeping his hotel and flight reservations and would say anything to get out the door.

Everyone says we can elect those politicians out – but the problem is – we can only choose the worse of too many evils. How great would it be to have a politician who could care less about politics, but instead, had the courage to do the right thing? How amazing would life be if an elected official recognized – and then admitted – that politics and doing the right thing simply do not go hand in hand; at least, in the current state of affairs.

Just something to think about. And now I’m going to rehire myself. Oh – and the whole Valley girl thing? Not really me – just living vicariously.


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