So if I told You Told You to Go to Hell…

Anybody see Rep. Maxine Walters’ (D CA) “let’s stir come trouble” speech? She focused her frustration on everyone in the kitchen during her “kitchen sink” summit over the weekend. She was speaking about the Tea Party and the lack of jobs. She said, “As far as I’m concerned, the Tea Partiers can go straight to hell!” She then offered her services on helping them get there. I have a clip below.

Of course, the media jumped on the whole “foul language” angle. It frustrates me, too, but not because of her choice of words. Seriously? If we’re getting upset over that, but we let politician after politician take hard falls from grace when they’re caught fooling around on their marriages, somethings devastatingly wrong with our society. Isn’t it interesting that politics is more about the psychology of human nature and less about, well…politics? Take a look –

Tea Partier Christine O’Donnell was a complete psycho during an interview last week with Piers Morgan. And the entire time….every single moment she was coming at Morgan, claws and all, she was smiling! I think that’s hilarious. The questions Morgan was humming to her were soft ball questions, too. In her book, she talks about homosexuality. She is very adamant in her positions; I think everyone can respect that. Whether you agree or disagree, there’s no denying she stands by her convictions – unless, of course, she gets asked about them in a primetime interview. Morgan kept his cool and frankly, she made it easy for him. She got really flustered really fast. In the whole scheme of things? It’s nothing, really – except that the interview makes me laugh. Seriously – she maintains a smile the entire time. Very telling, no doubt.

How about a little more testosterone with your brawl? Two major fights break out on very public stages in recent days and have me wondering about just how much testosterone the human male actually needs. I think somebody, somewhere is hitting the “testosterone express” needle. We’ve been bombarded in recent days of two clips from major athletic events that included a group of men beating the hell out of each other. I don’t think anyone was seriously hurt, unless you count the furious wives and embarrassed kids of these fools. At least, I hope there were some upset wives and kids – nothing’s better for a man who’s in desperate need of a dose of shaming than having to face his family. Many say Vice President Joe Biden’s presence in the country had the Chinese players ready to rumble. I get that – I don’t much care for him being in our country, either. Ah…but all’s well that ends well, I suppose. Everyone kissed and made up.

Next, though, is the clip of the grown men who pounded each other this weekend in Candlestick Park. The beating, which is being shown in a heavy rotation on all the news media outlets, also included another beating in a restroom and a shooting in the parking lot. Unfortunately, there have been no arrests, but hopefully, the video clip will provide some insight as to who these overly-aggressive thugs are. For God’s sake – there were kids and women around and these jackasses showed the worst and most damaging behavior a group of men could. One woman, who was in the line of fire through no fault of her own, nearly got hit a few times. Check out the clip below and pay attention to the on-lookers. Human nature at its finest, right?

Politics or anger – it all comes down to the human condition. Everyone needs to relax – have a Milano cookie, a Diet Coke and go like my Facebook fan page! – It’s the cure-all for everything!


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