“We Laid Waste to Everything in Our Path”

Everyone has their favorite character from the 1980s show, Dallas, right? I would forgo Friday night dates so I could watch – but that was OK too because everyone wanted to be in front of the TV to see it. Even if we were 17. Despite all of the ridiculous attempts of bringing back those shows from yesteryear, like Charlie’s Angels (Really? For the love of God, let it rest in peace, please), we finally have a comeback that’s worthy of our time. Dallas is coming back next summer – and here’s the best part: Bobby, J.R. and Sue Ellen are back (Patrick Duffy, Larry Hagman and Linda Gray, respectively) with all that sordid dysfunction and pleasurable hatred we come to know and love in the original. Now, we head into the second generation with John Ross and Christopher fighting over good ol’ Texas oil. What’s that? Do I hear a big “yee haw”?!

Oh please, please let there be lots of cowboy hats and boots….and in the meantime, check out the clip, where you’ll hear Bobby tell J.R., “We laid waste to everything in our path, J.R.” with that familiar tune playing in the background. You’ll wonder how you survived the past two decades without J.R. in your life. No word yet on when it premieres, other than Summer 2012 and it’s coming to TNT. If only I could go ahead and set my DVR…


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