The Week the World Flipped (Sort of)

As Shepard Smith has said all week, “We have to keep an eye out for that school bus that’s expected to fall out of the sky on Friday”.  While he’s referring to the decommissioned satellite that’s hurling towards earth and expected to hit the planet somewhere and sometime on Friday, it’s a pretty good analogy of the week in its entirety: a big yellow school bus barreling smack-dab towards us.

First, we’ve watched, in the past two days, the Dow lose more than 500 points and nearly 4% of its gains. You know, much as I love to watch that ticker every day, I am a little surprised that everyone else is so surprised. There’s nothing good coming down the pipe in terms of the economy from a national or a global level. We’re all as broke as the Ten Commandments these days, right? I’ve said it before, and often caught a lot of grief for it, but I believe the structure in its entirety needs to collapse. It’s the only way this country will be able to rebuild any kind of level playing field. Think about it: throughout history, the tough economic outlooks were deemed “fixed” whenever things improved at the top, regardless of whether or not the average American had recovered. Look at it this way – did Moody’s decision to downgrade the heavy-hitters in the banking industry affect your everyday life? If the jobs reports began to improve and all the other numbers analysts use to determine good from bad in various markets were suddenly quite promising, it’s going to do nothing in terms of your neighbor who’s lost his job and facing foreclosure. It’s not going to mean lower prices on groceries or gas for your car. It’s not going to magically fix your co-worker’s finances so that he won’t have to file bankruptcy before the year’s up. No, it just means the government is doing its little self-congratulatory dance and declaring the world fine and good once again. Meanwhile, millions of Americans can’t cover the $1,000 drug bill for medicines that shouldn’t cost that much, whether it’s life-saving prescriptions for heart disease or an antibiotic that would clear up a sinus infection.

The other highlight of the week was a little-known conference, the f8, which was held in San Francisco this week. I’d sure hate to be Mark Zuckerberg these past few days. Before anyone really gave the Facebook changes a fighting chance (after all, humans are creatures of habit), there was a certain irony that everyone was complaining about Facebook….on Facebook. Then, I noticed all these statuses making the rounds for “fixes” to “revert” it back. Oh, those poor, misled folks. I’m sure there are people sitting up right now trying to figure out what they missed in their cousin’s boyfriend’s mom’s detailed and step-by-step status update that was supposed to bypass the Facebook coding and suddenly become that familiar blend we all know and love. The fact is, those changes that have ruined mankind in one fell swoop? The people at Facebook actually incorporated all those suggestions you, me and your cousin’s boyfriend’s mom have been begging for.

What I find most funny about all of this is the “threats” of leaving Facebook for Google+. That still makes me laugh. There’s a reason Google+ opened its platform for all those poor souls who never received an invitation. They strategically delayed opening their network of circles until the f8 seminar in hopes that everyone would be focused on building their social presence under the big G and disregard Facebook’s updates. I did a review on Google + not long ago and I stand by what I said then. Don’t hold your breath on G+ becoming the next “can’t live without” phenomenon – at least, not in this lifetime.

Busy week, yes? And now we’re about to cap off the work week with our eyes to sky looking for Shep’s big yellow school bus. You’re bound to get a crick in your neck, so go on and get the BC’s and Diet Cokes ready.


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