Change is a’Comin’…Just Embrace it

Did you know you can go ahead and get your profile “live” before Facebook unleashes the new changes? You can – and it’s easy to do. While it doesn’t take but a few minutes to get those changes made, I sort of got lost in it all and completely went overboard – but it was so worth it. I can’t wait for the new profiles to hit. Here’s a screen shot and after the jump, I’ll give you the details on all of it.

See the nifty little music player? Facebook and Spotify have teamed to make it incredibly easy to share all our favorite songs. You can get all that set up right now too. Hit and your account, if you’re still logged into Facebook, will be automatic. No need for a lot of information – in fact, I don’t think I added anything other than what Facebook linked for me. From there, download the player and your music not only shows up on your profile, but your friends can hit “play” and hear the music too – IF they’ve downloaded the app, too. Seriously – it takes just a few minutes and it’s all free. No bulky downloads or installs – it’s really straight forward. I think – though I need to double check – but I think you’ll need to have your Spotify window running for anyone else to listen to what you’re listening to. Maybe not, though…I just haven’t delved that far into it. Here’s the kicker though – you know all that cheesy music you love but only listen to when you’re alone? Well, that hits the profile too – unless you delete it from your page (click the X) before anyone sees it. Yeah – the Bee Gees and Andy Gibb music I love? Y’all won’t be seeing that.

Now, see the photo of Jacob with his bow and arrow? That’s the new cover picture. You can combine photos if you have the software or one big one, like the one I have showing.

Also, there are tons of new apps you can include. One I found was the Nike app. Let’s be clear: I don’t run. I can’t even walk straight without tripping, but if I did, I would definitely love this one because you can post how many miles you run each day along with other things, but again, I didn’t pay that too much attention since I know it’s not one I’ll be downloading in this lifetime.

If you want to go ahead and get your new profile ready, follow this link. It’s 8 steps, easy-breezy. It will be “live” for you to see, but I don’t think Facebook is cutting them loose until one day next week. That said, usually, the dates they announce changes often come days early, so it could be sooner than what Facebook is announcing. If you want to get a player set up or even any of the TV apps (yes, you’ll be able to watch TV from your profile page), you can do a search for all them too. You can get Spotify here and I know Hulu has teamed with Facebook, but I haven’t added anything like that – yet! The Hulu app is here. Have fun with it – this is definitely a good thing!


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