Patsy Cline is Mad!

For the love of all that’s good and honky-tonk timed in country music, will someone please enlighten these poor, misled women?

What is going on with the women in country music? They look like wax recreations of their former selves. Don’t get me wrong: if it ain’t got a twang, it ain’t got a thang – for this country girl, it’s all about the country music. Yes, mommas, dogs and love gone wrong – the prereqs of any fine country tune. But I’m thinking these women need to fire their wardrobe and hair “pros” in lieu of those looks from days gone by, back when a lady knew how to do big hair with proper justice and knew that curves were a good thing that comes from good southern cooking. I’m thinking they’re all too  “Hollywood-ized”. Patsy Cline would be so disappointed and I’m betting Loretta Lynn bit her tongue all night in an effort to resist a “good ol’ fashion’ talkin’ to”.  Don’t worry – I’ll redeem myself with a few nice comments about the ones that really did fashion justice, too. Take a look:

I didn’t know Faith Hill had her own wax double. Look- her husband is posing with it!

OK…so maybe it’s not a wax double because it..I mean “she”…moved. Girl, fire your hair and make-up team and eat a biscuit!

Keith Urban is posing with his wife’s wax double too, I see.

OK, now. See? You can’t have big hair with loose ends. And when your hair’s bigger than your waistline and bustline, there’s trouble. I swear, if I didn’t see her moving and walking, I’d know this was a wax statue.

Uhm…memo to Kellie Pickler: it’s called lipstick, sugar. Use it. And you need to eat a biscuit, too.

See? There’s another one with big hair that doesn’t stay where it ought to. Do something with those ends, Ms McBride! Either go big or don’t.

Here’s your proof that LeAnn Rimes hasn’t whittled away to nothing. I don’t care what that crazy Beverly Hills Housewife says – I am totally diggin’ LeAnn Rimes and that handsome husband of hers.

Now when did this Nashville hottie arrive and where can I buy his music? OK…so Kellan Lutz doesn’t sing, but he’s sure giving Tim McGraw a run for his money, which probably isn’t too hard considering all the wax he had to buy for his wife’s double.

This is how it’s done.  Carrie Underwood is the epitome of elegance.

You can’t NOT love Miranda Lambert. That girl knows how it’s done, too. Be sure to see her video at the bottom of this post for my favorite song of hers. Nothin’ but attitude!

Aw, it’s Lauren Alaina. I’m still loving this little girl’s attitude and flair. So glad some things never change.

Alrighty – now for the disclaimers – all photos are courtesy of Associated Press. And here’s the video I promised –


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