Whipped Shortbread

Anyone who’s kept up with this blog over the past couple of years knows I’m more prone to raise a little southern hell about politics, silly celebrities and their latest scandals and other “life in general” moments.  While that’s always a lot of fun and definite break from meeting deadlines and securing new contracts, what I love – what I really love – is hanging out in the kitchen. Seriously – my mom had me in a cake decorating class, of all things, when I was ten. I can remember cooking when I was a kid and more than a few interesting conversations that drove Mom mad (like this one).

One year for Christmas, my mom made my sister and me cookbooks – they’re handwritten with stories from each of our childhoods, along with the recipes she’s always made for us. I cherish that as much as I cherish the pictures of my Jacob and all of his sweet drawings and notes he’s made for me over the years. I’ve said it before: when a hurricane threatens, those are the things I gather. The rest of it? I could care less – I’m just sentimental like that I reckon.

From making sure eggs are cooked without the lace (another lesson I learned early on from another woman who is very important to me) to learning the difference between parchment paper and wax paper (a pretty important thing to know – and the sooner the better), I love cooking.

Today, I came across a recipe for whipped shortbread. Just the sound of it sounds amazing, right? Everyone loves shortbread – and unfortunately, everyone can relate to the possibility of a broken tooth with those store-bought cookies that are a health hazard (or as the Kitchen Magpie calls it, “hockey puck” shortbread). Ah…but then her recipe appears on my Facebook wall – and it was calling my name!

I clicked over to her site and sure enough – there was this amazingly easy recipe that calls for…wait for it…wait for it….THREE ingredients! So off to the kitchen I go and the recipe turned out exactly the way she said. Bit came by not long after I pulled them out of the oven and trust me – we made fools out of ourselves – me and that baby sister of mine. They are so good! Jacob’s getting ready to head for the Delta for some duck hunting and I already have some ready for him to take with him.

So, instead of me attempting to tell a story she told so well, here’s the link to the easy recipe, complete with pictures. It’s definitely worth your time. Keep in mind she stresses two things: make sure you whip your butter and sugar combo until it gets really light and don’t overbake them. Your goal is to “dry” them out and not so much “baking”. No eggs, no oil, no vanilla extract – just butter (or margarine), sugar and flour. Fair warning: I won’t be responsible for the need to buy new britches when you eat an entire batch by yourself. Y’all be sure and go “like” her Facebook page too. Oh – and by the way – if you haven’t visited my Facebook page, be sure and “like” it too!


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