Most Annoying People of 2011

Knock yourself out

I love this time of year – clients are requesting “top 10” lists. And creative clients they are; they’re asking for the biggest celebrities, biggest scandals, top stories of redemption, it’s like a walk down memory lane for me before we charge into the new year.  Every year, I say I’m going to start my own tradition, but it never comes full circle. I chalk it up to the exhaustion from hitting so many deadlines, getting ready for Christmas and everything else the end of the year brings.

I’m determined this year, though. Not sure how many I’ll be able to pull off, but I woke up inspired, so here’s the first countdown.  Note: all the links take you to other related posts within this blog.

6. Harold Camping – Remember May 21, 2011? This was the day Harold Camping, a preacher (or as I like to refer him: someone else to piss me off about his willingness to twist the Bible to fit his ignorant beliefs) was certain the world was coming to an end. On its surface, it’s really rather silly, yes? The problem: there’s no shortage of weak-minded folks around the world who bought into this nonsense – and then promptly began selling off their material things, committing suicide and causing no end of family trauma for themselves. This, because of one sorely misguided effort of a man who keeps calling his false prophecies “mathematical errors” (he’s made the same claims at least four times – each with the date passing with no seas parting, world earthquakes or mass deaths).

5. Charlie Sheen– Alright, a disclaimer for Sheen being on this list: he appears to have made an impressive comeback. Still, you have to admit, he was the epitome of “self implosion” for several months earlier this year. From his goddesses to the phrases he made famous: “Adonis DNA” and “Winning” and “duh” (that one showed

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain

a true intelligence that wowed all of us, yes?). And those goddesses? Sheesh….don’t even get me started. So, even though he might make another list of mine, he’s earned a place on the most annoying list, too.

4. Herman Cain – No sooner had I decided I’d support Cain in his election efforts for the presidency than he goes and lets his mouth overload his ass. His comments about Occupy Wall Street spoke volumes. He missed the mark in an interview with the Wall Street Journal earlier this year. He had a golden opportunity to make a difference and then blew it. Most recently, he announced he was dropping out of the 2012 presidency campaign after allegations of a 13 year affair with a woman surfaced and the obligatory cheap stories of countless women who suddenly remembered they were sexually harassed by Cain at some point. He caved. That’s weak.

3. Eric Holder – Four words: Operation Fast and Furious. Holder needs to resign – like – yesterday. He allowed this program to move forward and as a result, a federal agent lost his life (doesn’t that equate to an accessory after the fact criminal charge?). His less-than-ideal attitude with the media is only adding fuel to the fire.

2. Jeff Ashton – I love the way this idiotic moron moved forward with his arrogant sense of entitlement in the Casey Anthony Case. Jose Baez handed his ass to him on a silver platter when the jury came back with not guilty verdicts for Anthony. So sure was he that he’d win this case based on the collective hatred of Anthony that he did little more than show up each day, prepped and ready for the camera. Who’s laughing now, Ashton? And by the way, it’s quite sleazy to write a book, earn money off of it and hit the talk show circuits after you expressed complete disgust for anyone who would take advantage and profit from this tragedy. Turns out he’s the most disgusting of all. Imagine that.

1. Jamie Dimon – Honestly, I thought Jeff Ashton would hit the top of my list this year; then Jamie Dimon opened his mouth.  This Mr. Wonderful is the one who starts brawls in boardrooms, takes millions in bonuses and then is the recipient, first of properly documented bailout funds (funded courtesy of you and me) and then, as it was revealed in late November, part of the “secret funds” that totaled $13 billion the Fed forgot to mention. Dimon is an example of the dangerous mindset in the country and epitomizes greed, disgust, a poorly formed sense of ethics a general lack of manners.

Alright – there it is. Check back later this week for more “best, worst and most” lists.


5 thoughts on “Most Annoying People of 2011

  1. Donna, Jeff Ashton? Really? He’s making blood-money from books now exploiting off of the his most-failed case he ever tried before he was forced to step down as a prosecutor. How many hundreds of thousands of dollars did Jeff waste of the tax-payers money on that ridiculous fantasy-forensics case? He’s be in prison right this second if I had anyway to do that, and that alone would be true justice for Caylee.

  2. I love it! Keep up the good work! Its been a facetious morning for me pocked by sardonics of co workers and the fact that it is Monday! This list is perfect!

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