Political Scandals of 2011

By now, there are few things that surprise any of us when it comes to our elected and appointed leaders. The one common denominator is the level of disbelief and frustration each new scandal brings. Here are the ones that still have me thinking a drunk monkey could do a better job than what we’re getting out of Washington these days.

Double Dose of Disgust

These two scandals, courtesy of Rep. Anthony Weiner, a New York Democrat and Christopher Lee, who’s a New York Republican, are begging to be paired together.  Both resigned within 10 weeks of each other, both had those ridiculous “standing in the mirror” photos where you see their smart phones taking a self-portrait and their bare chests that were no doubt intended to woo the womenfolk which, by the way, completely backfired on both of them. The obvious psychological reasoning has to do with their narcissistic personalities and the need to be front and center. Their poses, which showcased what each believed were his better qualities, coupled with the very public career paths they chose tells the tale.  Both believed they were above the rules, sent their pictures to women through social networking sites (Lee used CraigsList while Weiner opted to share in 140 characters on Twitter) and both attempted to lie their way out of their respective scandals. Make no mistake, these two redefine narcissism. Their actions were a betrayal to their wives and families and the positions they were elected into by their trusting constituents.

Am I Watching Sister Wives?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, California’s now-former governor, found himself in a heap of trouble this year. This heap cost him a marriage and the respect of millions of folks. Turns out, Schwarzenegger not only had an affair with a housekeeper who’d been employed with the family for years, but she gave birth to a son, who, as it turns out, is Schwarzenegger’s. Worse, though, is that his wife also gave birth to a son – days after the housekeeper delivered.

Speaking of Housekeepers…

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who is a lawyer and politician in France, found himself being arrested by New York’s finest this past summer. A hotel maid reported that Strauss-Kahn raped her during his stay at a swanky hotel. DSK continues to deny the accusations. This married professor has annihilated his family even as rumors and conspiracy theories continue to swirl, including one this week that shows two hotel employees doing their own “happy jig” after calling the police on behalf of their co-worker the night the alleged rape went down.

Redefining “Interest” Rates

When you hear the word “Visa”, odds are you think of the interest rates associated with using the global credit card. Introduce Rep. Nancy Pelosi into the dynamics, and you have a conflict of interest (Get it? Interest rates/conflict of interest? Nevermind…). Here’s how it went down – Pelosi was moving right along and playing a significant role in what’s now known as the 2009 Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act – or “CARD Act”. She was all for the overhaul many say was needed in the collective financial sector. Then, she was offered the opportunity to take advantage of Visa’s IPO, which she jumped on and made millions for her efforts. Of course, she backed off her support for the credit overhaul. Eventually, the law passed, of course, but Pelosi and her hubby are still counting their millions of dollars, courtesy of what appears to be a bit of insider trading.

Sugar Cain

Herman Cain opted to bow out of the run for the White House earlier this month when a woman came forward and said she’d been his mistress for years. Cain said it’s not true and that he just gave her money when she needed it.  Right…and this delightful little fairy re-stocks my fridge every time my supply of Diet Coke begins to dwindle. Before this woman came forward, there were three more women who say Cain sexually harassed them during his time with Godfather’s Pizza.

These are just a few of the many political scandals that kept our jaws dropping all year. I don’t know about the rest of you, but it seems to me there exists an unwritten rule amongst these politicians that the rest of us aren’t in on. It’s as if they enter the political arena only after they sign a contract promising to leave their ethics, common sense and morality at the door.


One thought on “Political Scandals of 2011

  1. I was hoping you had covered the guy who cut me off today who had an Obama bumper sticker on his car. Pissed me off and yes there are those political undertones…

    Of course it is a little outside of politics but then again people in the spotlight that are supposed to be worthy of our trust. Yup the Sandusky and Finer situation, look I know it ain’t exactly right or smart to post, but let a pedophile mess around with my boy or a friend of the family and I hope you will write me in prison. Old School Justice is one of the few real cures for these sickos.

    Whewww but do not get me started on the thoughts of if any touches my kid, just look around and be amazed at how many parents sue for retribution to their child’s abuse. Argghhhh

    Ok going to step away, but howdy Ms. Donna M’am…

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