Underestimating You and Me

Seems we have been a bit confused in recent years when it comes to the roles our politicians are filling. It looks as though we have simply expected entirely too much from these fearless leaders, those who are bringing this country back to its glorious heyday. Maybe we should let up on these political minds, back off and give them room to do their jobs. Or maybe they should just stop underestimating you and me and your older brother in Spokane. Maybe they should just…you know…do their jobs.

We try to follow the latest goings-on in Washington and seek to understand who the Republicans and Democrats are these days. Let’s face it, there is no hero who’s going to come save Capital Hill and the ones who are currently “running” it are doing little more than running the nation into the ground. The more these people bicker and argue, the more convoluted the lines become. There are few, if any, reminders of those past great presidents, such as Reagan or even Kennedy, and the strides they made in their time served. Last week’s brouhaha over contraception only cemented these suspicions.

Many of us found it difficult to follow. Whose privacy were the politicians seeking to protect? Whose religious freedoms? Whose Constitutional rights were at stake? It honestly seems as though even the politicians themselves are struggling with their own political identities. If this upcoming presidential election sought to underestimate us, score one for them – because I’m definitely struggling to keep up.

Today’s announcement by the Obama Administration regarding his $4 trillion deficit reduction plans were immediately dismissed by the Republicans. The report hasn’t even been “officially” released yet. Jeff Sessions, the Alabama Republican currently on the Senate Banking Committee, was slamming it in the 7 a.m. hour on Fox News. I know President Obama’s plans are often….lacking (and that’s as nice as I can be about it), but Sessions or any of the other politicians who have their faces planted all over national news media aren’t making statements like, “This plan won’t work, but if we incorporate this or take this out, we might have a viable plan”.

Why aren’t these folks treating their positions like jobs? I can’t imagine an employer sitting down on a Monday morning and being hit with a plan for the company’s growth, with five minutes to read it, and then hearing “This will never work” from one of his other employees. Even if it’s a huge disaster, shouldn’t there be a bit of a justification as to why? And better still, shouldn’t there be a more open approach to finding what will work? And if you’re wondering if anyone’s busy looking for those solutions, consider this:

I Googled “solutions to American debt crisis” after I read about Obama’s plan this morning. The top two results were media outlets in the UK. Not Fox News, not ABC News and not even Matt Drudge – instead, the two returns were straight from our British neighbors.

So who’s looking for the solution on American soil? You are. I am. Our neighbors are. And the solutions we’re looking for have little to do with our political affiliations. We’re looking for ways to to ensure we can retire. We’re looking for ways to cover the bills each month, keep the cupboards filled with groceries, keep the utilities on – all of these considerations are consistent whether we’re Republican, Democrat or even if we could care less about politics.

You see, we all have the freedom to elect folks into office and in extraordinary cases, we can play a role in removing them – sometimes. We all learned during the embarrassing Bill Clinton impeachment efforts that “impeachment” doesn’t mean “removed from office”. At any rate, we can vote different folks into office. But what we don’t have is the power to scrap the entire current line-up and start over. There are no options on any ballots that allow us to vote to “Fire them all. Now.” Even when we vote five or ten or twenty out during elections, we’re still stuck with another five or ten or twenty of their cronies. It’s a vicious cycle and grows each time it comes back around.

It’s almost like a bad case of lice going through an elementary school – it takes a collective effort and if even one goes untreated, you’ve defeated the purpose and right back to square one.

The only difference with an infestation of head lice and a group of selfish (and dare I say “worthless”) politicians is you can, with a little effort, get rid of the head lice in one fell swoop.


4 thoughts on “Underestimating You and Me

  1. Howdy M’am tell us how you really feel, no worries I am with you although I work with and understand some the whole process is tough to make sense of. Even have a badge of a Congressman emailing folks and telling them I am what was wrong with DC. Whew how effenlaughable is that…

    Howdy M’am…

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