Maybe a Shift is Occurring Anyway

For two years, I’ve climbed my soap box and hollered from the rooftops that if the entire American financial sector wasn’t overhauled, it would crash hard. The massive hits our economy has taken simply cannot include a Band Aid and hope for a better day as the cure. It’s like getting flood damage in your home – just because your ceiling doesn’t get wet doesn’t mean it’s not ruined. It all has to be replaced, right?

Now, though, there’s an interesting new platform that just might shift the scales ever so slightly. This is one of those things that if it does well, it will soar to the heavens. If it fails, though, it’s going to crash hard.

Many people don’t know, but 80% of Americans don’t have access to the stock market for one reason or another. Usually, it’s just too intimidating. Most have no idea where to find the answers and there are those who feel the stock market is just too big a gamble. But – what if you could buy stock from a company via its Facebook Fan Page? That’s exactly what’s happening right now.

It’s really very interesting. Loyal3, the company that’s making this possible, is now allowing any business to sell its stocks to any of its Facebook fans under a new model, “Customer Stock Ownership Plan” or CSOP. And you don’t have to know all the frustrating ins and outs of stock trading. There are no fees to do this, either – which is good since broker fees can be as high as 60% of what’s being bought through a trader. All you have to do is find a company you want to invest in and with three clicks, you’re now a part owner of that company. You can invest as little as $10, too. Buy one share or a million shares. Actually, I wouldn’t suggest buying a million shares of anything off of Facebook, but I’m telling you, this could be the start of something quite impressive. Imagine the little entrepreneurs we could raise if we could get young folks to spend just five minutes of their time on Facebook looking for stocks to buy.

Loyal3’s CSOP is in its infancy and currently only has one company on board, but September promises to bring many new companies and all signs indicate this is a sure thing. Since I’m having to stay on top of this for a client, I’ll post anything new I come across, but in the meantime, go see for yourself – y’all know I’m all about due diligence when it comes to money. Visit the Loyal3 website here. And in the meantime, just because I’m not listed with the Dow doesn’t mean you can’t like my Facebook page. So go like it!


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