Alex Rodriguez is a Has Been – So Why is MLB Negotiating?

Alex Rodriguez, Dana CavaleaOver the years, Alex Rodriguez has found himself in the media spotlight, sometimes it’s been positive, mostly, though, it’s been anything but. Unfortunately, he, like countless others, has chosen to use that spotlight to show the worst in human nature. That’s bad enough, but why is he still being rewarded for illegal, unethical and simply wrong behavior?

The Alex Rodriguez Babysitters

I get it – he’s a gifted ball player with more than, what, 650 homeruns? Including 36 during his first year with the Yankees, several broken (or tied) records and impressive ten year salaries, Rodriguez had a golden opportunity to be worthy of the natural gifts he possesses. He blew it. Time and again, he proved that the higher they are on the pedestal, the harder the fall. Only problem was, he had entirely too many people ready and willing to soften those falls.

He’s been proven or has admitted to:

  • Lying
  • Illegal drug use
  • Adultery
  • Abuse

Cut the Cord, MLB

Major League Baseball continues to negotiate with him. Why? How can we continue to push our kids to aim high, work hard and take the hard knocks as lessons learned when idiots like Rodriguez continue to prove that the hard knocks can be avoided, if you’re willing to compromise everything you believe? And how can parents continue demand accountability if, at every turn, there are decisions being made that redirect accountability, such as what those continue to do in Rodriguez’s case (including Major League Baseball)?

Physical Repercussions of Steroid Use

And by the way – while the public is focused on the money and decisions by MLB that are being made, how about the side effects of steroid use? The rage? The unpredictability that comes with it? What does his ex-wife have to say? Maybe she continues to protect him (even though she’s a psychologist) for the sake of their two daughters. Either way, no one is doing him any favors in the long run. Because steroids are all about testosterone, we already know he can’t keep his pants zipped, as evidenced by the alarming number of women who’ve stepped forward and owned up to being involved with him. Celebrities, strippers and God knows who else all seem to have had a piece of the Rodriguez pie.

It’s time for MLB to step up to the plate, end his contract and strip him of any awards or accolades earned anytime there’s proof he was incorporating illegal drugs that helped him achieve those high points.

Here’s the thing (and I know there are hardcore sports fans out there), when it comes right down to it…no one is going to give a rat’s ass about the fact that he held the record for youngest player to hit 500 homeruns. I’m sure Foxx thought he’d hold the record forever when it made it decades ago, but there’s going to be someone else who comes along with even more impressive abilities. No one will ever refer to Rodriguez as a great ball player. What they will refer to him as is “Rodriguez was a great ball player…but….” And whatever’s said after that “but” is what his legacy ultimately becomes.

It’s time to let him start feeling the shame that comes with that. Coddling him all these years has served no purpose. He needs to go right these wrongs outside of the media and out of reach of prostitutes and drug dealers.


2 thoughts on “Alex Rodriguez is a Has Been – So Why is MLB Negotiating?

  1. I have my opinionated moments…usually gets me in trouble!
    Unfortunately, it’s not just the sports world where we’re overlooking bad choices and worse repercussions – financial sector, politics…nothing’s safe.

  2. Well, well… You’re quite the opinionated sports writer, aren’t you? Hehe. I absolutely agree with your final paragraph! I also agree that it’s pathetic that we let our kids see these things as (the gerbil in my brain is running in its wheel, trying to find the right word…) acceptable (<<really?! That's all I could come up with??), as long as they are talented at a sport. Sports are entertainment enough. Must we add crime, sex, and drama to each player's resume for us to find them valuable? Ugh. I love my country, but we are losing our minds now, not just our morals.

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