Nude Photo Leak Bothers You? You’re an Idiot

capture-20140902-125858The tragedy that is Hollywood…bless their hearts. Over the extended holiday, a purely evil scandal broke amongst our most worshiped in this nation. Apparently, more than 100 women who grace our silver screens…wait, scratch that….more than 100 of this nation’s most narcissistic celebrities who grace the covers of every tabloid we see when we’re checking out of Wal Mart were hacked. More specifically, their iClouds were hacked. As the nation mourns this tragic incident and as the hacker is on the run; a dangerous criminal who threatens world peace, the rest of us focus on those other aspects of life.

The reactions of those coming to their defense are both funny and really, kind of sad when you think about it. Twitter has come to their defense and has said anyone who posts the leaked photos will be banned from their platform. Where was that outrage when photos by some of the most vile humans who are wasting oxygen on this planet surfaced? You can see the worst of human nature as these images of beheadings are easily found on Twitter feeds around the world. Way to go, Twitter.

Now, it seems Congress is preparing to ride in gloriously and save the reputations of those poor, mistreated celebrities. Such hard workers, they are. Meanwhile, Ricky Gervais, controversial though he is, made a comment that the one sure fire way to halt the criminal is for the “victim” to not upload photos that don’t include clothes. Seems like the kind of paternal advice most of us have heard our entire lives. And yes, I know that using the name “Ricky Gervais” and “paternal” has its own irony, but he has a point. He’s caught ten different kinds of hell over the past 24 hours. He took the tweet down, which is ridiculous to me. He posted another photo of himself, though, and dared anyone to retweet the “leaked” photo. He makes me laugh.

When are we going to begin taking responsibility for our own actions? These women are not “victims”. In fact, they have had complete control over these photos, which they should have exercised by not uploading them to start with. At the very least, they should have incorporated the 2 step authentication Apple provides. Consider these facts:

Fifty percent of those who responded to a recent Maryland poll said they had texted compromising (nude) photos of themselves to someone who is now their ex. Fifty percent!

Revenge porn is now the fastest growing trend on the web. This is when an angry ex posts to any number of sites those compromising images that were sent to him by the one who took the photo. It’s funny, because most breakups (not to include divorces) in this country happen because of betrayals that happened months before the actual break up. We all know that couple: one cheats, gets caught, begs the other to forgive him and then goes through months and years of being accused of cheating again. My question is: why send photos to someone you don’t trust?

If you know how iffy the internet is and how formidable today’s hackers are, why in God’s name would you upload anything that could be construed as scandalous? And when your account is hacked, why are you so surprised?

As Congress steps up to the plate, ready to save the day (I make myself laugh), here’s a better question: Where is the outrage for the hackers who are compromising our financial and banking sector? Where’s the immediate response to those who are in the middle of a drawn out process to recoup the funds and their identity that was stolen, courtesy of some Russian hacker? I’ve written about the DDoS hacks for years. I’m more interested in keeping my banking information safe than I am some twit in Hollywood who feels she’s entitled to more life perks and Congressional protections because she made the choice to upload a series of compromising pictures.

And for those screaming about protecting the “victim”, here are far more deserving “victims” you should consider defending:

Those who are forced into child pornography (it’s a $13 billion industry in the U.S.)

The lack of proper veteran’s medical and mental assistance upon returning home (Half of returning veterans with PTSD go untreated)

The fast rising child poverty and hunger realities in the U.S. (22% of our kids live in poverty and go hungry and another 45% are nearing that status)

Here’s the truth: one year from now, this latest Hollywood tragedy will be as murky in our minds as the New England Patriots releasing Tim Tebow (which happened one year ago today).


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