We Might be Pawns, but Who are the Idiots?

Usually, we – as in society as a whole – can find what matters from a current events perspective. These days – and many people are beginning to notice – what matters is being well-hidden by mainstream media that feels as though it knows what consumers need.

What’s happening is enough to scramble even the most hopeful person’s faith. Worse, no one can really differentiate the bad guys from the good guys. That’s a problem. Without those distinctions, we’re well on our way to an entirely new level of societal dysfunction. Who do you trust?

We know we can’t trust the media. Check out these headlines over the past few days – how many did you know about?

Libya instability, disruption of oil production – price for NATO intervention

Pentagon employee tried to view porn at work more than 12,000 times And no I don’t care who’s watching porn – I do care, however, that it’s being swept away, not widely reported and that he is a representative of a federal government agency that refuses to release his name. Meanwhile, Bill Cosby is being accused of brutal crimes, hung out to dry by ultra-feminist and media-hog Gloria Allred and prosecuted in the court of public opinion with no proof whatsoever.

Banks Flunked Regulatory Assessments Before Lobbying Spending Bill Vote

Here’s a screenshot, too, from this morning. Note that the major news media still hasn’t picked up the bombing of an NAACP office in Colorado. The closest thing to mainstream media is CNN International, and that was only after the Twitterverse went ballistic. Remember – this is right here on U.S. soil – and it happened three days ago. Two words come to mind: lone wolf. And don’t even get me started on how so many of these events happening right here are eerily disturbing from a perspective of terrorism under our noses. If nothing else, this story and the fact that the media is blatantly ignoring it is just one more reason people will justify a racial divide in this country.


Ah, and then there’s the crisis in Libya that we’re not hearing a lot about. Should you be worried? I think so. Here’s a recent blog I wrote in December and here’s a link to the role Russia is playing in turning several countries – including Libya – against the U.S. One word: oil.

And by the way – isn’t anyone concerned that oil’s hovering slightly below the $55 per barrel threshold, yet the Dow is breaking records? One day, we’re down 400 points, the next we’re up 300 points – that vicious cycle means something. Just because you’re not hearing about the peripherals of what dropping oil prices mean on a global and national stage, don’t assume there’s nothing to it. The quieter the kids are, the bigger the trouble they’re getting into, right?



Libya is bombing itself and it’s hitting its own allies. The Greek vessel it hit has been in the country for at least eight years. It says it misidentified the vessel. How do you misidentify that? Here’s a clue: It’s under Islamist control.

Worse, the country finally put a fire out that burned close to 2 million barrels of oil and damaged seven of its storage tanks. The fire raged for more than two weeks:

Fire at Libyan oil port destroys up to 1.8 million barrels of crude

Did you know that a group of Native Americans made their way to the capital over the New Year’s weekend? They’re vehemently opposed to the Keystone pipeline and have a few powerful reasons why. If you’re looking for coverage, though, don’t look to mainstream media. It’s not making any headlines.

Here’s what the media is reporting, however and it has nothing to do with the pipeline (which will be voted on in less than 24 hours):

Obama’s in the west today talking lower interest rates for first time homeowners. Only problem is, first time home buyers aren’t buying. The rates are already low. There are tax credits already in place and no shortage of programs for couples buying their first homes. They are simply not buying. According to Zillow, 28 percent of would-be first time homeowners say weak finances are why they’re not buying. Twenty-seven percent say shifting demographics – meaning, they’re not sure where to go to make the money that would support a monthly mortgage payment. Oh, and by the way, people are afraid of marriage these days (more on that below).  From there, the underwriting standards are too tight (thanks to Jamie Dimon and the rest of the “big bankers” who are happily on their pedestals, earning millions in bonuses (not to mention their massive salaries) every year while they continue to stick it to the taxpayer) and many say they know too many people who are underwater, have gone through foreclosure or who are battling with their banks over their mortgages – naturally, younger buyers are gun shy. But, yeah, the president should definitely push buying a home to these young Americans. What could go wrong?

So why are we afraid of marriage? For one thing, it’s the fear of divorce. Sharon Sassler, associate professor in the Department of Policy Analysis and Management at Cornell University explains it this way:

Some people worry largely about the emotional turmoil that could result from divorce. They feel the potential pitfalls of divorce make them question whether marriage is worth it. People said the legal and financial stickiness of divorce was a “hassle,” and that made them shy away from marriage. In other words, in many of the participants’ minds, the benefits of marriage were simply not enough to counter the potential psychological and financial pain of divorce.

Makes sense. No one is telling people to take a leap of faith, to build a foundation and to teach them what marriage truly is about. But we are pushing low interest rates – even if we aren’t explaining what an ARM is, courtesy of a president who has hokey priorities and a media that’s become too opinionated and too expensive for any of our collective tastes.

We might be the pawns of a twisted political give and take with mainstream media at the helm, but we become the idiots only if we decide to cave. It’s time we take control of our own thoughts, opinions and beliefs. Due diligence matters – don’t take a new story at face value, even if is the ulterior motivated Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and the other big players.


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