6 Things that Prove “All Hell’s Done Broke Loose”

In one of the most powerful scenes in American film history, Spencer Tracy’s character’s Matt Drayton unleashed one of those rare and poignant and perfect speeches that forever change the way you see things in the real world. If you’ve never seen “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”, you should. Trust me – it’s so much more than a film about race relations. Not only that, but it was Spencer Tracy’s last film.  His epic speech to his family and the family of his daughter’s fiancé begins with a quote from his housekeeper, Tillie (played beautifully by Isabel Sanford), when asked how the day was. She said, “All hell’s done broke loose.”

And has it! Today’s been one of those days when you ask yourself if you’re not in some vintage episode of Twilight Zone. Here are six examples that prove that sentiment. More importantly, they’re proof that we should pay attention to what’s next.

Greece’s Irrelevancy

Oh, that silly Obama. This afternoon, the White House said the Greek debt crisis is “no major or direct threat to the economy because exposure to Greece’s economy is small”. He makes me laugh and here’s why:

The Dow closed 350 points down today (albeit it’s probably just a fluke out of panic).

If Greece exits the Eurozone, there’s a very real possibility that it will take other countries with it.

It could also affect our job market because of our relationships with other countries. We have healthy exporting agreements in place and if those are threatened, it could start a domino effect beginning with job losses.

Puerto Rico

I admit, I’ve always been a bit confused about what Puerto Rico is to the United States. Is it or isn’t it a part of our country? It’s a Commonwealth and the U.S. Congress is its government. Those who call Puerto Rico home are our fellow Americans; in fact, the count is close to 5 million Americans. And the country’s broke…as in “Greece broke”.

Remember back in March when Vice President Biden launched a campaign to help Central America to the tune of $1 billion? (You can read my post here)? He said, “The president and I are determined to address conditions in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras and help these countries on their path to economic prosperity.”

Generous, right? Obviously, if the U.S. is willing to help those countries, then surely we’d help our own fellow Americans. You’d be wrong.

Today, Josh Earnest, White House Press Secretary, told the media that no one in the government is planning on bailing out Puerto Rico.


An hour later, we hear that the White House is continuing to insist that Puerto Rico’s government must “resolve its own issues”. Well, that solves everything, right? Except for the fact that they forgot who its government is. It’s us. We’re its government.

Belarus Who?

While all eyes are focused on Greece, there’s a small country that’s managed to stay under the radar for quite some time. This past December, Belarus went into full panic mode, even if much of the world was clueless. When the Russian ruble began spiraling down, it brought with it the Belarussian ruble. The country’s government made across capture-20150630-120559the board changes that included blocking online retailers, news sites, banks and any other website, in or out of the country, that could be a threat to the government. It was known as December Insanity.

Fast forward to today.

Both Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko and Belarus State Security Chairman Valery Vakulchik, reiterated to its citizens that there are no threats or concerns to worry about, just as they invited the KGB for a sit down.  Instead, the invitation was extended “not only because the political situation is complicated or because we are on the eve of a presidential election campaign,” but because of the “activity of our non-friends on western borders has increased too much”. And who’s on the western borders? “The presence of NATO armed forces on the western borders keeps growing while the crime rate on the southern borders is rising.”

Like Greece, it warned its people against panic, which was met with a run on banks in order to secure their savings.

Why is this important? Try this:

Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister, Sergei Storchak, announced his country is considering giving Belarus a loan to refinance its foreign debt. Yes, Russia. The same Russia that’s offering to bail out Greece and the same Russia that just partnered with Greece for that new Turkey pipeline. And by the way – they don’t need Europe or the US. They have their own banks. Remember when everyone said last year that BRICS wouldn’t be a competitor for our systems? They said BRICS needed “smaller” countries that wouldn’t betray the big daddies in the world? Greece is rather small. Just small enough, I’d say. And with the dollar rising, again, the potential for job losses in the U.S. along with the fact that Obama’s hell bent on distancing us from our allies, maybe BRICS is something we should pay attention to. What’s next? Puerto Rico?


Did you know 10 Americans have been arrested for involvement with ISIS this month? All ten arrests happened right here in the U.S. That’s like…one American every three days in the month of June who were arrested on American soil for terroristic reasons.

Overtime Pay

So O & Co. is expected to announce sometime on Tuesday that he’s going to make overtime available for millions of Americans. That’s interesting because we already have laws that govern overtime pay for Americans. Could this have something to do with the number of illegal immigrants in this country? We’ll see. If that’s true, here’s a suggestion to Puerto Rico: jump from the Caribbean to Mexico. Go north and sooner or later, you’ll hit a border. Just tell the guys that you’re coming into this country with no documentation. They’ll hook you up (because they have to) and send you right where you need to go.

Donald Trump

We’ve complained forever about politicians who will walk two miles to tell a lie but won’t take two steps for the truth. Who would’ve thought Donald Trump would deliver that truth? You have to admit there’s something behind the ego, which is a surprise to most everyone. Considering I’m always bitching about lying politicians, I am totally loving this “in your face” approach.

“If NBC is so weak and so foolish to not understand the serious illegal immigration problem in the United States, coupled with the horrendous and unfair trade deals we are making with Mexico, then their contract violating closure of Miss Universe/Miss USA will be determined in court. They will stand behind lying Brian Williams, but won’t stand behind people that tell it like it is, as unpleasant as that may be.”

So, there it is. Six stand alone events – any number of them can coincide with the other and change everything. Imagine Donald Trump being elected because of his inability to bite his tongue when it comes to Obama announcing new rules on overtime. Imagine that – American business owners being told what to do. Last time I saw that, it was on an episode of Law & Order; except it was the mob forcing a small business owner to bend to his will.

I looked high and low for a clip of Tillie’s famous “All hell’s done broke loose” line. Couldn’t find it – but here’s the beautiful scene with Sidney Poitier and his father, played by Roy Glenn. Do yourself a favor: see the film!


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