Did Obama Admin Just Sell Out the Military?

No one doubts the seriousness of the Iran nuclear deal; the problem is, few believe the U.S. has found a way to lead the rest of the world in accomplishing it. No one, with the exception of Secretary of the State John Kerry, Defense Secretary Ash Carter and the rest of the Obama Administration, believes the solution presented is the solution that prevails.

Last week, we saw an interesting – and uncomfortable – debate unfold when Kerry, Ernest Moniz, the energy secretary, and Jack Lew, the treasury secretary appeared before the Senate. If you didn’t see it, you should – it’s fascinating to watch these folks go nine rounds, all the while knowing it serves no purpose in the long run. We heard Kerry’s vehement disgust over the 47 senators who wrote to Iran’s leaders before the nuclear deal was signed. He insisted that act could have jeopardized world security (and in all fairness, that stunt by the Republicans, whose pockets are lined by the big oil companies, was done for very selfish reasons. Read about it here.) We also heard Senator Bob Corker (R TN), Senator Jim Risch (R ID) use words like “bamboozled” and “fleeced”: as in “You were bamboozled with this deal and now you’ve fleeced the American people”. Oh, and a delightful scolding from Barbara Boxer towards both Corker and Risch for using the words “bamboozled” and “fleeced”.

But let’s not forget this little well-hidden nugget:

Kerry claimed the U.S. has “the capacity’ to ‘knock out ISIL’ on its own, but we’re not going to get suckered into that.”

Yes. He really said that. And then skipped to the next topic.

Meanwhile, Defense Secretary Ash Carter was sent to the Middle East to soothe those frantic fears many of our allies (and even our enemies) have these days. Here’s what’s so disturbing, though: the way the media reported these visits and the quotes it used vary significantly. They’re subtle, but take a look –

Carter is trying to respond to regional concerns about Iran by proposing intensified military cooperation with its longtime allies. With the Saudis, there will be talk of training special forces, cyber security, anti-missile defence and other issues. July 23, 2015 (Read the article here)


In an effort to calm these worries, Carter proposes to intensify military cooperation with Washington’s traditional allies in the Middle East. July 22, 2015 (Read the article here)


Carter told reporters en route to Tel Aviv.But the point of the nuclear deal is to get the result of no Iranian nuclear weapon without carrying out a military strike.” July 19, 2015 (Read the article here)

The first quote comes from a Pakistani media site, Dunya. The second is Al Arabiya, a Middle Eastern media site. The third quote is from The Washington Post.

It’s amazing how small tweaks in a sentence can change the meaning in its entirety. Any other time, it would matter none and would seem petty, but Google the first two quotes. Not a single American media site comes up; no CNN, MSNBC, USAToday, Fox News. Not one.  The third quote, when Googled, returns The Washington Post and a number of other American based media. Depending on who Carter is speaking with, the U.S. is either wheeling and dealing with propositions to increase our military and other efforts as sort of a reminder to Iran or the U.S. is moving mountains to ensure no military action.

Kerry was quick to remind his adversaries on Capitol Hill that everyone supported this deal. Ash Carter spent the week reassuring the media of the same thing. Only problem is, he was the only one commenting after these meetings.




NY Times


Times of Israel


If there is any question at all about the possibility of sincerity from Iran, this should clear it all up:



Finally, this is off topic, but I come across it while I was researching this post. It’s going to be a huge problem as things begin heating up with the Cuba brouhaha. With embargoes lifted, there’s a new focus and those in the oil industry are definitely paying attention. Back in the 60s, part of the embargo with Cuba included sanctions for any country that sold to Cuba anything made with more than 10% of American supplies/materials. Now, though, allbets are off. Cuba is gearing up to begin drilling in the Gulf of Mexico in what many are saying includes a wealth of oil. Actually, there are four areas that Cuba is focusing on. America could, for all intents and purposes, furnish the wells that will drill the oil. In case you’ve not been following the massacre in the energy sector, oil closed below $48 a barrel on Friday.  Another country entering into the oil market? Not good.

Last year, the Obama Administration insisted that wouldn’t be a possibility, at least not in the short term. Now, though, Cuba is planning on being up and running by the end of 2015 or the first of 2016. If the U.S. bails and refuses to play a role, Cuba could create a massive environmental mess right off the coast of Florida. That was always the fear anyway when it bought materials and supplies from other countries. The U.S. has, by far, some of the safest extraction methods (though far from perfect) in the world. This is not, and never has been, a real priority for Cuba.


4 thoughts on “Did Obama Admin Just Sell Out the Military?

  1. Thanks. Great points. When these guys are caught giving us the runaround it’s a sign they’re covering up something. We’d all be horrified if we knew what was really being said. It’s systemic so I don’t think anyone running for president or congress will change it. Makes me sad.

  2. I agree with what you’re saying – I don’t think war even has to be an option. When the U.S., on a world stage, continues to lie, it shows a weakness. The Obama Administration has really done a lot of damage that’s going to be a real challenge for the next president. The fact that our own Sec of State says we can easily knock out ISIS, but we choose not to, speaks volumes to me. It also empowers Iranian leaders to tweet photos like the one I included above. It’s less about bombing Iran’s nuke sites and more about an unwillingness to address the problems that already exist. Kerry was proud of the fact that he got Iran to let go of some of the actual hardware it created, but then we find out it’s antiquated anyway and would do nothing to further Iran’s objectives. I think all of America is ill with the thought of war, but the fact that Carter is talking out of both sides of his mouth – downplaying war with U.S. media and reassuring those in the Middle East that steps have already been taken re: intensified military cooperation says they’ll say and do anything to forward their efforts. The only one talking to the media after these meetings is the U.S. That’s the real danger: we really have no idea what the rest of the world is thinking (if we listen to only U.S. media). By playing this game, our leaders are taking too big of a gamble and they’re doing it on the backs of our military. As long as these elected leaders play this game, we’re all in the dark. That goes for the rest of the world, too. That they could be setting up the dynamics to change the way any country’s youth looks at other countries is scary. You’re right – bombing what’s already there serves no purpose except to bring more destruction to those in the line of fire. I really don’t believe Iran is a threat on its own from the perspective of going to war. The real threat is no longer knowing who our allies are.

  3. You are about the only one i can talk to about this stuff and even disagree with so forgive me n if a stammer around on this matter. I keep wondering if war is the only other option. I dont know enough about the agreement but bombing the existing nuclear sight in Iran is even less desirable to me. Many Iranians who’ve sufferd under the current regime would be the people who died and suffered the most. The nuclear facilities are built around th the poorest communities. We do the same. Many Iranians love everything American– their youth were not alive during the religious takeover. I have no idea whether the current agreement is worth the paper its written on but this constant war drum beating makes me ill too. The Aiatolah is a blowhard. Normal Iranians ignore him. His threats always get an eye roll from me.

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