The Bad News is that One of Them Becomes President

capture-20161014-175943The good news is we’re now down to days before we can finally come out of this disturbing and disgusting and surreal state of reality we’ve all been forced to endure in various stages for the past year. The bad news is we have days left before we can finally come out of this surreal state of reality. Typically, election season gives Americans an opportunity to explore their options. Who supports the issues that matter to a family? Which candidate will keep us out of war? Which candidate is going to be remembered for the good he or she did for Americans and humanity in general? Each national election brings with it a certain degree of embarrassing revelations, silly bickering and promises that if one candidate is elected over another, the country’s going to hell. That’s not the case with the current season – not by a long shot.

Imagine the worst kind of criminal; one who is the epitome of pure evil with his dark and brutal ways. Imagine the trial and the truly tragic details of his victims’ final moments that emerge each day. You know these details because the trial in its entirety is being broadcast live. Now think about the divide the trial causes between supporters and those who hate the accused. Can you imagine it being any worse than what we’re witnessing in this election? Yeah…me either.

These candidates have made history, no doubt. They’ve divided a nation. They have created the same weaknesses and fears that are usually reserved for a category 5 hurricane headed straight for our hometown.

When you take a step back, and I’m sure many will begin to see this once the election is behind us, there are common denominators in that trial, the hurricane and the election. Pride and money and notoriety and a place in history are those ribbons woven through each. The politicians warning of the hurricane walk a fine line in how they tell people to evacuate (or not), where the storm makes landfall and when to declare states of emergency for the “imminent landfall”. If that hurricane doesn’t make landfall, there goes the credibility.  If the jury finds the defendant not guilty, there goes the perfect conviction record the DA loves to brag about on a daily basis. It all comes down to being right and winning and no shortage of taunts directed to the loser. Losing, to them, is like a death.

These candidates have spewed so much hate in an effort to win that they don’t realize they’ve burned beyond recognition the entire election process and everything our founding fathers intended. Each time a “game changer” breaks into our daily routine, via breaking news emails, Twitter trends and “exclusive interviews with the victim tonight”, we’re forced to factor it into our decision-making process. If we believe everything each side swears is true, we can decide between a rapist and a rapist’s wife. We can choose a murderer if we’d like or maybe a serial sexual harasser. We can choose the candidate whose daughter bought her education or we can opt for the candidate whose children are “destined to turn out like their predatory father”.

There’s no shortage of information from which to make that decision, either. We can believe an Australian computer programmer and journalist who’s hiding out in an embassy to avoid facing his own sexual assault charges. We can also take our pick of an ever-increasing number of women who say they were victims of sexual harassment by their former boss, who’s now wanting your vote. And let’s not forget the women who have, for years (unlike the other candidate’s accusers), insisted a former president and husband to the current candidate raped, molested or otherwise assaulted them. We can believe a “kill list” or we can believe a group of people whose egos convinced them to try out for a reality show years ago because they wanted to be in the spotlight. We have countless audio tapes and no shortage of teary-eyed victims who turn it on as soon as they cameras whir to life.

So successful are their efforts that they have managed to annihilate bonds that were previously stronger than any super-duper new must-have product being shown on Shark Tank. Families are divided. Best friends are now at one another’s throats and are being closely monitored by terrorists everywhere for tips on how to wreak the most damage to the human psyche. Facebook and Twitter are the new battlegrounds and that amazing actor many were convinced should star in every TV show, major film and documentary has now become dirt under a fan’s feet because of his “insults to the fans”.

How in God’s name did we get to the point that no recognizable shred of human compassion and intelligence and goodness and sense of fairness can be found in our political candidates? When did we, as a society, decide it’s OK to treat people in a disrespectful way? It used to be that Facebook was filled with those ridiculous messages of inspiration for humanity: “Tread lightly, you don’t know what challenges he’s had” or “Be kind to everyone. God may be testing you”? No, these days it’s “If you vote for candidate B, you’re white trash” or “Unfriend/unfollow me if you support candidate A”. I admit, there were times when those sugary-sweet memes hit my timeline that I’ve wanted to add a touch of sarcasm, but after this election, I’ll take a timeline FILLED with those cheesy sentiments over the darkness of political memes.

We’ve all hit new lows, not just these candidates and campaign workers. We all have responsibility to the monstrosity this has become. It’s bigger than any of us. If there’s anything at all we can all collectively agree on, it’s that we’re about to emerge from this 10th ring of hell we’ve endured. That’s the good news. The bad news is one of these candidates will win.


WikiLeaks and DNC – Wonderful Insanity Awaits

Anticipating the latest WikiLeaks drop over the past couple of days regarding DNC has kept many of us distracted. What I and many others didn’t realize is just how disturbing the truth really is. There are a few things to know if you’re planning on spending the weekend knee-deep in the latest cesspool of American politics.

First, Twitter has been busy manipulating its trending hashtags. #DNCLeaks was the number one trending hashtag and had been since the WikiLeaks drop. It suddenly disappeared and only after users demanded an explanation, it reappeared, albeit altered. #DNCLeaks became #DNCLeak.

The media has suddenly become virtuous and are now ethical bodies that refuse to address such scandalous nonsense. They have other things to focus on – namely anything but the contents in the data leak.

There are many references to Black Lives Matter leader DeRay McKesson, too. Use the search option to get a complete list. Worth a read, to be sure.


Prepare to be incredibly and permanently changed. The reality slowly seeps in until finally, you can no longer continue to blow off those who say, “The American political system has absolutely nothing to do with who you vote for”. It is indeed rigged. Your voice nor your vote matter.

I’ve spent entirely too much time plundering through what amounts to a small percentage of the 20,000 emails. I feel like I need to scrub my brain. There are more than a few “What the hell…” revelations and here’s one of my very favorite gems – it’s delightful, I tell you – it’s delightful. This is a fundraising email sent out by Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Simple and expected, right? I mean, we all get these pleas for money. It’s the American way: the ones with the most resources turn to those who are not even remotely considered the so-called “Top 1%” and ask for money that will be used against us at some point. Finally -FINALLY – someone fires back. See the original here. (I can’t seem to get the fonts large enough nor a screen shot that’s possible to read in this WP theme).

From: Debbie Wasserman Schultz []

Sent: Friday, May 06, 2016 2:36 PM

To: Julie Scardiglia

Subject: Join me in Knoxville June 3rd!

Image removed by sender. Democrats]

Friend– As of this week, Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee. The contrast between his values and the values our Democratic candidates defend every day could not be more stark. As Democrats, we have a lot on the line. It is crucial that we push back on the backwards GOP rhetoric and make our voices heard this election cycle. Please join me for a reception in Knoxville, Tennessee on Friday, June 3rd. This is your chance to ask me questions about what the DNC is doing to fight back and to strategize together about how to win in November.

You can RSVP through the following link:

Thank you for all you do, and I look forward to seeing you in Knoxville!

Here’s the reply that’s full of wonder and magic:

From: Julie Scardiglia []

Sent: Friday, May 06, 2016 2:45 PM

To: Seminerio, Nick


RE: Join me in Knoxville June 3rd!

DWS, you’re almost as corrupt as $hillary Clinton. I’ve already left the Democratic party—after 32 years. Lots of us have. And you and your direction for the Democratic party are a large reason why.

HRC is the other reason.

It’s coming—the shock you will feel when MILLIONS of us won’t vote for Shillary–PERIOD.

Fuck you.

Finally, Mike Cernovich has done some impressive research on the entire brouhaha. Here’s a link to his most recent piece with five of what he believes are the more damaging revelations. Follow him on Twitter, too.

One of the biggest problems in the entire drop is the way Bernie Sanders was treated. The blatant disrespect of some folks is unbelievable – until you see it in black and white. Then it’s disappointing and serves as an example of how horrible the human condition can truly be.

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Maybe a Shift is Occurring Anyway

For two years, I’ve climbed my soap box and hollered from the rooftops that if the entire American financial sector wasn’t overhauled, it would crash hard. The massive hits our economy has taken simply cannot include a Band Aid and hope for a better day as the cure. It’s like getting flood damage in your home – just because your ceiling doesn’t get wet doesn’t mean it’s not ruined. It all has to be replaced, right?

Now, though, there’s an interesting new platform that just might shift the scales ever so slightly. This is one of those things that if it does well, it will soar to the heavens. If it fails, though, it’s going to crash hard.

Many people don’t know, but 80% of Americans don’t have access to the stock market for one reason or another. Usually, it’s just too intimidating. Most have no idea where to find the answers and there are those who feel the stock market is just too big a gamble. But – what if you could buy stock from a company via its Facebook Fan Page? That’s exactly what’s happening right now.

It’s really very interesting. Loyal3, the company that’s making this possible, is now allowing any business to sell its stocks to any of its Facebook fans under a new model, “Customer Stock Ownership Plan” or CSOP. And you don’t have to know all the frustrating ins and outs of stock trading. There are no fees to do this, either – which is good since broker fees can be as high as 60% of what’s being bought through a trader. All you have to do is find a company you want to invest in and with three clicks, you’re now a part owner of that company. You can invest as little as $10, too. Buy one share or a million shares. Actually, I wouldn’t suggest buying a million shares of anything off of Facebook, but I’m telling you, this could be the start of something quite impressive. Imagine the little entrepreneurs we could raise if we could get young folks to spend just five minutes of their time on Facebook looking for stocks to buy.

Loyal3’s CSOP is in its infancy and currently only has one company on board, but September promises to bring many new companies and all signs indicate this is a sure thing. Since I’m having to stay on top of this for a client, I’ll post anything new I come across, but in the meantime, go see for yourself – y’all know I’m all about due diligence when it comes to money. Visit the Loyal3 website here. And in the meantime, just because I’m not listed with the Dow doesn’t mean you can’t like my Facebook page. So go like it!

I Have the Answers – They’re Just Not Politically Correct

Ever have one of those weeks when you just know you’re the one with the answers, but no one’s listening? Yeah, me too. There’s so much – I don’t even know where to start.

First up – if you haven’t seen our president’s latest fundraising efforts, fair warning – it’s a doozy. Take a look –

That’s right – he wants all our birthday bling. And apparently he’s willing to take on Bridezilla too because he’s more than happy to raid bridal showers across the nation. Here’s the kicker though – earlier this month, he’d made two stops in two days – one in Chicago and the other in Minneapolis. The trips were fundraising efforts for his campaign. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is also Obama’s former chief of staff, introduced him to close to four hundred people who gained entry by shelling over at least $2,500 per person. From there, he attended two more events where folks forked over $35,000 each to be in his presence. Yes – that figure is right – $35,000 and here’s the link. It’s estimated he brought in a whopping $5 million between Chicago and his quick layover in Minneapolis. And he wants my birthday present too? Not in this lifetime.

Now, in all fairness, by the time I saw the latest on his blog, I’d already had a bellyful of his antics this week. Take a look at a few of his tweets. It seems like every time he finds himself in front of a camera or in front his computer, he’s telling us what we need to do. I mean, seriously, Obama wants us to tell Congress this or that? Why? Congress isn’t listening to us (as in the American voter) no more than Obama’s listening to us.

So then, today, I’m plundering around Facebook and saw this picture that a friend had tagged. Those photos are tough to see. But the very next picture on my newsfeed is what had my blood boiling.

Am I the only one who gets the irony? Romney is as unplugged as Obama is. I am absolutely confident that if folks took that $5 Romney wants and gave it to the veteran to either reclaim his house or find another one, it would be money well-invested.

Moodys downgraded fifteen banks around the world yesterday – and the top five are based in the United States. Here’s where it gets good though. Immediately – as in within hours – the whining began. The banks were bellyaching that the passage of the Dodd-Frank reform is why they’re struggling. Uhm…if I remember correctly, it was the irresponsible actions, greed and non-compliance with the laws that were already in place that led to Dodd-Frank to start with. Had the accounting scandals, mortgage inconsistencies and downright illegal behaviors of some bank executives not been discovered, these folks would still be moving forward, playing by their own rules. They got caught, then got hit with the repercussions – and now they have the audacity to blame it on new regulations?

Alright – Eric Holder and the Fast & Furious scandal. This is just one more thing that’s had my interest all week. OK, so I know this isn’t even realistic – but it should be: charge Holder with manslaughter or accessory after the fact or something besides contempt. He – and the Obama Administration – are once again writing the rules as they go. And don’t even get me started on the Dream Act and Obama’s sudden announcement last week.

All of these current events – and it seems like the only folks who have no say in how any of it plays out are the American taxpayers. Yes, I know we go to the polls in November, but I’ve said it before – I would be surprised if there wasn’t a record set for low voter turnout. Frankly, I don’t think either of the candidates are capable of running this country.

Finally, and speaking of having no say in something – my son announced – on Facebook, no less – that he’s ready to start skydiving lessons. Just when my nerves settle down after he earns his diving certs, he announces he’s now ready for something even more dangerous. Where he got the idea that once he hit 21 he could play by his own rules is beyond me.

The Hokey OpGlobalBlackout

Doesn’t this whole Anonymous drive seem sort of…George Orwell-ish? If you’re not familiar with Anonymous, this is the group that’s taking matters into its own hands – however many hands that might be. It’s a group that, unlike the Occupy movement, isn’t walking up to the line, pointing it out and saying, “Keep on…I’ll cross it. I swear I will”, but instead, isn’t even bothering with the fair warnings; not really. It’s chosen the internet as its vehicle and its threats are being backed up with action. The crazy thing is most folks are egging it on.

Last week, a new message was delivered, courtesy of its typical vehicle of choice, YouTube. The video is titled “Anonymous Message to Congress” and in it, the group warns U.S. Congress that it shouldn’t have shutdown MegaUpload, the controversial file sharing site. As a result, Anonymous’ largest coordinated attack was put into place. 5,000 people took down more than ten federal and and other industry sites last week. And isn’t it interesting this hasn’t hit mainstream media?

Here’s the thing. Anonymous agreed that much of the content on the MegaUpload site is copyrighted, but says the government’s decision had nothing to do with copyrighted material. It’s now demanding the site be reinstated. Immediately. Or else.

Anonymous insists it has penetrated servers of some impressive organizations, including the United Nations, US Bank, Capital One, Twitter and Facebook (and others). If the site isn’t reinstated, it says it’ll take these – and other – servers down.

So now what? Is this what’s it’s come down to? The government, the group and the information highway? Yes, indeed. And with the support Anonymous is gaining, the smart money’s on the group. Check out the video below. By the way – how inadequate are we all going to feel if Anonymous is a group of 12 year olds somewhere in Minnesota whose collective IQs hover around 180?