The Clinton Crisis: Contradictions and Confusion

capture-20161030-154317Never let it be said the 2016 election cycle was anemic, weak, boring or uneventful. We’re down to 9 days and I’ve said no fewer than 5 times a day how glad I’ll be when this election is put to rest in the history books that are bound memorialize anything but the truth.

Each new story raises the insanity monitor a notch or two. Take a look at a few of these tweets. Are we seeing the same irony?

In July, the FBI announced it would not seek charges against Secretary Clinton. A few days later, Clinton said in an interview with Fox News, “Comey said my answers were truthful, and what I’ve said is consistent with what I have told the American people.” Ah, he was a good buddy of hers, no doubt. I’m sure it was a delightful and whimsical friendship.

Now, though, Clinton is on the defense in the worst kind of way. Here are a few of the many tweets sent after the announcement was made late Friday afternoon regarding the lost emails and server and how it involves her bestie, Huma Abedin and her husband, Anthony Weiner. Pre-emptive scramble to save her cookies, yes?


How’s that for loyalty, Director Comey? Did he really think that woman has an ounce of loyalty, a dish of ethics or an ability to even remotely empathize with others?

And then there’s this. Always the hopeful one, Clinton is. What if this week brings daily WikiLeaks drops of HER emails? That could distract her, right?


The best way John Podesta can be of service to Clinton at this point is by giving her pointers on how to handle the world reading her emails over a Yoo Hoo and a Little Debbie cake. Remember, WikiLeaks hasn’t released a cache of Clinton emails. Yet. A girl can hope, though. Unlike all the other men in her life: her husband, Comey, Kaine and God knows who else…Podesta just hasn’t felt the Queen Clinton sting. I hear it’s pretty horrendous. Still, is this the best use of his time:


Finally, take a look at this little gem. She is going to do to us what she can’t force Trump to do: make us pay for the college education of anyone who wants to attend. Sound familiar? Does the word “Obamacare” come to mind?



When it falls apart, as it will if she is elected, maybe she can take a cue from the last time a “sure thing” was passed into law. Maybe Obama can give her a few pointers? Turns out it’s a colossal failure, but what does Obama care? He’s phoning it in at this point.




You Were So Close, Herman Cain…So. Close.

No sooner had I made the decision to support the Herman Cain campaign did he go off and muss it all up and shove his foot down his throat. In an interview today, he said about the “Occupy Wall Street” group, which are picketing banks and well, Wall Street as a whole:

“Don’t blame Wall Street, don’t blame the big banks, if you don’t have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself. It is not someone’s fault if they succeeded, it is someone’s fault if they failed,”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I happen to believe we’re all responsible for how well we do in this life. I think we cater to those who refuse to go out and earn their pay and it frustrates me to no end. That said, Cain, the “non-politician” did two things in this interview with the Wall Street Journal. He used the “b” word – it was all about placing blame (there’s a huge difference in “placing blame” and “taking responsibility”…does anyone read Dale Carnegie anymore?). But more importantly, he proved he had no idea what those folks are protesting. They’re not protesting because they don’t have jobs. They’re protesting because:

Bank of America’s new $5 debit fees for a certain “customer base”:

Those who hold the Bank of America checking accounts Platinum Privileges, Premium or Advantage are exempt from the new monthly fee. Interestingly, the accounts MyAccess, Essentials, eBanking and Enhanced will be hit with the new $5 debit card usage fees. The accounts that are exempt are usually reserved for those

Presidential hopeful Herman Cain

who maintain high bank balances or who have mortgages with the bank. The latter are those most consumers choose because of the absence of other restrictions, such as minimum balance requirements and ironically, the absence of too many fees. Additionally, the bank said Merryl Lynch, US Trust and Wealth Management account holders won’t have to pay the increased fees. In other words, if you’re depositing your paycheck every week and it’s less than $5,000, you’re going to be charged for not earning enough to qualify for the more rewarding accounts.

Then, today:

Capital One Creating “Too Big to Fail” Dynamic?:

Accusations are running the gamut regarding Capital One’s push to buy out ING Direct USA. If successful, some say it’s another step towards another subprime meltdown. Capital One executives found themselves defending their motives behind wanting to buy out ING Direct, which many say will create another “too big to fail” bank that will turn to the taxpayer to bail it out when it runs short (which it inevitably will in this economy). The Fed is required to examine whether or not any merger poses an economic threat. Specifically, it must determine whether the risk outweighs any benefits – and based on calculations by some of the nation’s leading financial analysts, the risks are entirely too great to justify any kind of benefit to anyone besides the bank.

But don’t take my word for it. Google it – it’s all over the news, which is why I’m so disappointed in Cain’s lack of knowledge on the situation. Then again, he was giving the interview to the Wall Street Journal, I guess it stands to reason he’d feel obligated to defend Wall Street. Ah…the non-politician gets all political.

NOW who am I going to support? It’s not looking very promising, that’s for sure.