Common Denominator: Stupid

I think I’ve been watching too many of my new favorite person’s YouTube videos. Randall has this glorious ability to communicate with the wildlife of the world (and no, I’m not talking about Headline News commentators). Randall, God love him, has a series of videos where he puts a voice to various animals’ thought processes. My personal favorite is the honey badger video. You have to see it. Now, though, everything that makes little sense to me is voiced, often only to myself, “What were you thinking, Stupid?” Ah, Randall…you inspire me!

OK…so here are the latest golden moments of today where all you can do is say, “Are you stupid?” It was difficult to choose only a few, but take a look and let’s see if you agree:


Does anyone really fall for the commercial with nasal-y voice of the actress who’s in awe that seven people are looking for her on MyLife? And apparently, her amazement is her incentive to pay the monthly subscription fee to discover who these seven folks are. Girly, we’re in a recession – I have a better idea and I can sum it up in one word: Facebook. And you’re going to find a lot more than seven folks you know. Hell, I have almost 300 friends – and I’m amazed. I didn’t even know I knew that many people. Which reminds me, y’all go friend me too on Facebook if you haven’t already.

The Fish Dress

I grew up with a dad who loves to fish – and is an artist when it comes to cleaning and dressing them. This dress, and yes I know it’s Valentino, but it reminds me of an expertly cleaned bass fish that Daddy is so well known for. I don’t care for the dress, but I know he’d appreciate the artistry of it.

Oh, Costanza…I Mean, Beckham

C’mon…this one was just too easy. Y’all know I lose my patience with stupid baby names. So the Beckhams’ named their first daughter Harper Seven. Here’s the deal, though – when I heard “Harper”, I thought how wonderful that was. I mean, it’s the name of one of the nation’s most beloved writers, Harper Lee, who, of course, wrote To Kill a Mockingbird. Then….THEN…they had to go muss it up and put “Seven” behind it. Stupid! To be fair, it was George Costanza who first had the stupid idea. See the clip below from a 1996 episode of Seinfeld:


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